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02-22-2010, 05:40 AM
Hey everyone, so bout last October I bought a manual 91 GT promptly named Cecilia. She ran great the day I bought her but had some small damage and the clear coat was/is done for. A few weeks later the clutch began slipping, not bad at first, but earlier this year I couldn't head into SF because I would just not be able to climb those hills. Aside from that I was leaking oil, tranny oil, and PS fluid. Sooooo early January I began removing the motor in my apartment carport parking spot. A month later, or 2 weeks ago, I got it out. Thats basicly where I'm at right now. Taking it apart to rebuild it. Gonna send the block and head to get machined and hot tanked (that ish is coated in oil and grease). I will update and take more pics when its not raining around here. In the meantime...

Engine harness after 140 feet of electrical tape. It looks as new as factory.

03-12-2010, 10:40 PM
small update:

so i finally got the motor apart. pretty uneventfull. here it is on the stand


head off, oil pan off, ready to pull the crank and pistons


nasty carbon and other substances known to cause cancer in the state of california


and by comparison, the block after i got it back from my local machine shop.


it got bored over .020" over and decked slightly. its sooo clean! im happier than a fat kid in a candy shop. now waiting on the cyl. head.