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02-20-2010, 07:41 AM
Name: Matt
Age: 20
Occupation: Parts manager for a Massey Ferguson dealer- shitty pay under $10 an hour.
Location: parents basement Canton NC
Cars owned: In order of when I got them
92 Jeep Wrangler-my first car, blew the tranny and rear end. Jeep people will know when I say it was a Dana 35.-Sold
93 Honda Civic-I use to get high and go jump it down a hill in from of my high school.-Sold
91 Celica stx- still here, got a new auto tranny a few months ago
02 Mitsubishi Lancer-My DD, no after market parts, Bought it the week after I turned 18, Will be paid off in 2 months :leghump:

I love learning stuff that interest me. I'm in college for Entrepreneurship/business. I want to open a video game lounge one day. I hate working on other peoples cars. My friends figured out I know about cars so every time something happens they call me. Im good with computers, I love my Linux, but I'm no programmer or network genius. I get unmotivated easily. I like getting drunk with my friends. My girlfriend is in college a few hours away so I don't get much action. I like to dream about stuff that I know I'll never be able to afford. I'm horrible with money. I wish I still had my Jeep. The people I work with are awesome, one guy races sport bikes, one guy knows everything ever about engines and hydraulics and tells really funny stories about his childhood, one guy is an older man who jokes about fucking women a lot. These people are the only reason I haven't left my job.