View Full Version : Help me figure out how I am going to powdercoat my motor!

02-12-2010, 08:06 PM
So I am doing a Gen3 head/intake manifold on my MR2, and want to spruce up the motor while it's out. I don't want anything crazy. I am very much a fan of subtle things. For example polished trim is ok, but everything sparkling like Mr Clean's head is no bueno.

For the valve cover I am going to make it a gloss black which will match my car and couplers color (both black). AFAIK the heat shield will NOT work w/ my t3/t4 setup so I am pretty sure I am going to get them high temp ceramicoated flat black (like on my gen2's, makes a decent difference in radiated heat).

Any ideas on intake manifold/throttle body? Part of me thinks black would looks sweet but another half of me thinks that is just plain overdoing it. Does anyone know if they make silver powdercoat that looks just like the stock casting except it'll make it real clean? It'd be nice to even just have a plain silver, but have it looking super clean/brand new.