View Full Version : UK ST182 Turbo

02-09-2010, 12:40 AM
Hey all. Howdy. I have been a member for a hot minute but was more active on CCUK and 6gc.

I used to have a SR Turbo, which I have gotten rid of and I now have a ST182 with a Rev2 (Gen2) 3SGE engine.

Now, as I am addicted to boost I want to shove a few lbs of boost down her throat.

I am not THAT bothered about power, more so the conversion and just enjoy more power. I want as easy an installation as possible.

My idea was to strap on an ST185 turbo manifold and turbo to my rev2 engine, along with an ST185 inlet manifold and ST205 metal head gasget. Cooling will be aided by a Front mount intercooler.

Some people are also telling me to use the better rev3 head, while some are saying to use my engine as it is, but with rev3 cams.

I intend to use standalone engine management, so no more AEM FIC.

Much thanks.