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02-02-2010, 08:03 AM
I'm building an ST165 and am need of a new set of tires. I want to have good performance on gravel and dirt roads, but I will likely be commuting and driving around town with it more frequently. I don't plan on racing or lots of aggressive use.

I've been looking at the Hankook Ventus R201 tires.

I have the 6th gen GT rims which are rated 205/55/15. I currently have 195/65/15 nokian rsi winter tires on them. Evidently two of them went flat for unknown reasons so I'm forced to find new tires.

The R201 comes in this exact size, but they come in 3 different compounds.
soft g71, medium g51, and soft g31. Or g70/g50/g30 for the old version compound. I read from an unofficial source the difference with the new compound is it is softer.

The soft compound I imagine would wear down very fast and not be economical. So I'm debating between the medium and hard compounds.
The roads around here tend to have hard and sharp rocks so I'm leaning to the hard compound as I assume it would be more resistant to puncture.
I live in Issaquah, WA by the way. The roads I would take it on are throughout the I-90 / Snoqualmie pass.

I found a tuning company that has a deal on a set of 4 medium compound g51 for 350 shipped, which is about 200-250 less than retail for new.

I'm also curious how gravel tires like these might perform on wet asphalt or on snow and ice, as it does rain a lot here and we have a lot of icy mornings and nights.

Thoughts and comments welcome!

03-20-2010, 03:55 AM
The compound mainly refers to the stickiness to the road and how fast it will wear. Generally softer compound will be stickier and wear faster (even on gravel tires). All three compounds are going to respond to punctures much the same way, although the hard will probably give you somewhat better protection.

All rally tires will take a pounding ... you generally bend a rim before you puncture a tire. The sidewalls on these tires are much stronger than regular tires.

Driving on them daily .... rough ride, noisy as hell. Do not expect much in the rain. On snow and ice ... absolutely no traction ... the compound is totally wrong. I only use for TSD rallies and Rallyx. For rallyx I will change at the event ... hate driving them on pavement.

Another option is used Rally tires ... the pros kid rid of them pretty quick and there are a few in your genneral neck of the woods and into Oregon.


Also check that they road approved .... many race tires are not for road use.

03-21-2010, 12:36 AM
Um... they would not be economical to run on the roads at all... Even the hard compound tire would be good for no more than 6-800 miles.

03-21-2010, 09:27 AM
ha. Thanks for the info. I bought them a while ago though. they look sick. I got the medium compounds. I haven't used them. Was going to wear them just for a few runs in the summer. I'm looking at other tires. I almost got a set of OZ rally rims with some all seasons on them, but the guy decided like a week later that he wasn't going to sell them. I'm probably just going to go to Costco and get whatever all seasons are a good deal and save those tires for fun.
http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e88/sidewinder0010/alltrac/2010-02-19%20New%20parts/th_IMG_1243-2.jpg (http://s37.photobucket.com/albums/e88/sidewinder0010/alltrac/2010-02-19%20New%20parts/?action=view&current=IMG_1243-2.jpg)
you can click the thumb.. Unless anyone wants to buy them?

03-21-2010, 06:16 PM
Yeah, I've ran their DOT slicks before, never tried anything in rally form.