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01-24-2010, 11:04 PM
Cleaning order/services:

Vacuum interior rugs
Soak and clean carpets and upholstery
Wipe interior rubber/leather with product
Clean interior windows
Rain-x treatment for exterior windows
Wipe exterior rubber with product

8 services at $10 each = full detail = about $80 and I can do it all in about 3 hours by myself or have 100 mexicans do it in 5 minutes for $15. Hmmm:happyrun:

I like to completely finish the interior before washing the car because the spray and dust from the interior seems to end up on the paint. I always end up vacuuming a car about a dozen times just to start and cleaning the interior windows a few times. Also need to sit on a plastic bag while cleaning the dashboard and windows because the seats are wet and you want to start with the wet seats so they start drying as soon as possible, plus the carpet cleaner machine puts cleaning product everywhere, especially when doing the headliner, which is extra of course. After the carpet/upholstery cleaning, the windows and dash will need wiped.

Do the interior rubber before the interior windows because the rubber product will end up on the windows and any overspray from the window cleaner on the rubber can be wiped off easier than rubbing rubber product off windows.

Wax the car before doing the rain-x treatment or wiping the exterior rubber because the wax will protect the paint from the rubber and window products and the wax dust is going to get on the rubber and windows. The rubber and windows don't need protection against wax, but get some rain-x or armor-all on the paint and wax doesn't want to stick. After waxing, the windows and rubber will need wiped.

Better methods are welcome, but we have been doing this for a while so I think we all know the routine right guys?

01-29-2010, 06:35 AM
rain x wiper fluid additive as well. Use a carpet extractor for the interior, charge a little more $$ as well, maybe $9-10 each if you're doing it for someone. Use a dual action buffer with lighter compounds to keep from wearing down the clear coat to much. Every car will one day need to be repainted, if you have a paint thickness gauge you will know how much clear coat you can polish/rubb off and maintain a safe level of clear for the time being. Rub off less paint and fill the smaller imperfections with glaze. Not always as long lasting as a good polish job, but it seems to be the way to go on thin paint jobs. Carnauba wax also fills up very small, hologram scratches. If you want lasting protection use a polymer/synthetic sealant. usually gives less depth though :(