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01-13-2010, 05:27 AM
I've been searching for one of these manifolds on and off for about 1.5 years, and this is the only info I could come up with.

The manifold is out of a ST19x (can't pin down the last #, but seems to just need a 3sfe), which is a Carina E in the UK and the Corona in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.

Additionally, it seems that it would be a rather easy bolt in based on the following two pictures.

USDM 3sfe


"JDM" 3sfe


But, also looking at these two pictures, it appears that the runner length is actually longer on the JDM one. The JDM one definitely looks better for flow in general as the runners are shaped into the plenum better.

And that is seriously all I have found out about this manifold. If anybody has anymore info on it, please share it!

01-13-2010, 05:35 AM
i have no info for you, but to me it looks as if there is more room between the middle cylinders in the lower picture than in the upper picture.

01-13-2010, 05:43 AM
I think that's just an illusion due to the angle of the picture.

01-14-2010, 02:20 AM
Huh, that looks like it might actually be a worthwhile thing to stick on a 3S and see if any more power pops out...

01-14-2010, 03:02 AM
You're probably talking about either the ST195G or ST191G from JP.

01-14-2010, 05:13 AM
If you're going to all that trouble get the whole head.

The engine that manifold is off of is the BEAMS 3S-FSE, as in D-4 direct injection. I wouldn't bother with the manifold, I'd get a clip.

01-14-2010, 05:45 AM
No, this is off of a regular non-direct inject 3sfe.

3s-fse D4

Front of the 3sfe with the special manifold

The above is the reason I'm having a hard time finding out what exact model this manifold came off of. I do know that the st195 had it (have seen other pictures), and that picture references the st190, but I can't pin it down further than that.

Edit: I should also probably clarify that this manifold is not JDM only. The only reason I add that is because it means that we might be able to more easily source one from an english speaking country instead of relying on importers.

01-14-2010, 06:27 AM
Wish you luck figuring out which designation it came off of .

Just out of curiosity, what is the benefit of this manifold to you?

01-14-2010, 07:12 AM
If I could source one for a decent price, I wouldn't mind being the guinea pig to figure out if the manifold is worth buying for N/A applications.

I don't think that it is going to be amazingly better than the stock manifold, but it would be nice to see about what the 5sfe could have done from the factory if Toyota had seen fit to equip it and tune it a bit better.

01-14-2010, 07:36 AM
Hm, I stand corrected. Good find.

01-14-2010, 08:23 AM
very interesting i always assumed the only difference would be the lack of egr different runners just seems bizzare. next time im at the wreckers i'll examine the sv21's for you.

01-14-2010, 09:49 AM
A 5S isn't going very far without lots of money


Now, a 3S head w/ 272s on an 11:1 5S block would make for a hell of a ride

01-14-2010, 12:02 PM
Nuke tried very hard to buy one of these on several occasions but never found anyone that was willing to part an engine for one. IIRC, he said it also came in some RAV4 or something in Japan. I looked for awhile myself after he told me about it, but decided in the end the estimated cost and major hassle of getting one was about equal to having a custom one made.

01-24-2010, 02:48 AM
I did the 3sfe swap on my GTS (second photo) and the 3s manifold was waaaay smaller compared to the 5s manifold. And yes, they do come in the Rav4's. Also, believe it or not, all of the 5s accessories can swap over to the 3s head and block... But i dont see the point in swapping a manifold designed for a 2.0 liter engine to a 2.2 liter engine?? Educate me.

01-24-2010, 03:17 AM
We don't get the D4 motor here but we do get the GE type "G"
The "JDM" in the pic is found on all JDM Corona's, Camry's, Levin's, Exiv's, Celica's from about 93 onward.

The 2200 version looks identical but I presume the T/B and runners are bigger.

I've gone another route

No more electronic crap!, Gen2 block, crank, pistons etc with a Corona carbed head

01-24-2010, 08:05 AM
wait, its carbed

i want more info on this, btw notice my sig :hehe:

01-25-2010, 09:26 PM
Sig? don't see anything

Actually carbs were the norm on AT160's with 4A-FE's
This is a NADM car, never seen a JDM 4A-FE but plenty of 4A-GE's

On the ST161 with 2S motor

On the ST161 with 3S-FE motor

On the ST161/3? with 4S motor

The 3S-FE was the most common, it was found on JDM Corona's right up to 1993 with EFI as an option.
Interesting to note that early cars also lacked a strut brace

01-25-2010, 11:03 PM
Cool thread :bigthumbu

01-26-2010, 04:09 AM
thats it if i build a 5s im going carbbed with a weber

as for my sig, read the part about my truck

01-27-2010, 05:28 AM
The 3S is a dual barrel and the footprint looks like Weber,
The others are single barrels, I'm looking for a large weber as this one has too many pipes and gizmo's

01-27-2010, 05:33 AM
well a 38/38 sycro would be kinda overkill

they just came out with a 36/36 syncro

then theres the standard 32/36

then the 34/34 which is progressive but is moreso gasmilage minded

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