View Full Version : Cleaning Nubuck, Alcantara, & Micro suede

01-09-2010, 01:22 PM
As a general rule when cleaning Nubuck, Alcantara ®, Ecsaine, Micro suede, etc you should only to use products specifically designed for this type of fabric.

Avoid using a product designed for cleaning leather. It's also important to do a patch test before cleaning any fabric to make sure the colour or integrity of the fabric won't be damaged. To do this, apply your cleaning product to an area that doesn't show to see what the effect will be.

Leather Master™ Nubuck Protection (N-Nubuck / Alcantara®) Repellence, resists soiling and helps protect against both water and oil based stains

Identifying characteristics- very soft to the touch will scratch or scuff very easily; water drops will darken the leather but it returns to its original colour after drying.

(LM) Products made specifically for Nubuck (Alcantara®) leather surfaces
• Cleaning Pad Cleans refreshes and revitalises Nubuck, brushed aniline and suede leather without the need for additional liquids or chemicals. At the same time it will restore the nap (surface appearance) of the leather to its' original look.
• Foam Cleaner is a mild solvent product, which is extremely efficient for the cleaning of general soiling and water based stains.
• Always pre-test the product on a hidden area.
• Protection helps to protect Alcantara, Micro suede and Nubuck leather against stains from drinks and food; it also makes the surface easier to clean.