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01-05-2010, 02:42 AM
Well, I had always wanted a Celica - and now I have two of them.

This is not so much by accident - because I am experienced enough to know that when you have old cars - it is always better to have two of them if you want a "ride" every day.

I have a '92 STX - 4afe, five speed, and a '92 GT coupe, 5sfe, automatic.

Things are pretty much "backwards" as far as what I had expected and wanted - I figured I would get a five speed for my "performance car" and an automatic for my "DD".

Yet I find that the gearing on my five speed STX is such that it is much better suited for an "around town" car - and the gearing on the GT automatic is much more suited for performance driving and the open road.

The STX is very fun to drive - but it almost like I don't even need first gear - I think it winds up to 5K RPM at about 25 MPH in first. Even in fifth gear - I'm at a rather uncomfortable 4K RPM cruising at 75 MPH.

The GT - it'll MOVE OUT from a stop - but is at a very comfortable 3K RPM cruising at 80 MPH.

Either way - both have some problems - like any cars so old. Some of which can wait - and others that must be addressed very soon.

I'd like to drive the STX through the winter - and may be able to do that due to the fact that I'm very fortunate - my drive to work is ~5 miles and three stop lights. Yet the STX clutch is slipping - and I had thought that only to be when I really stressed it coming out of a shift at speed - yet now in the cold it seems to be slipping allot more even when "babying" it.

I could just substitute the GT till spring - yet the GT has this "cold complex" too - with the power steering especially - until it warms up the power steering is non-existent (probably a seal in the system). Plus - the auto trans does not shift into fourth until warmed up.

I like my two "new" cars - but hope I don't need to work on them much till spring.

Oh well - such is life with old cars - I had at one time four '67 Plymouths - yet will admit that on some days it was a struggle to get a single one of them to work.

01-05-2010, 02:44 AM
I still have my `67 Chrysler. Easy car to work on.

01-05-2010, 04:13 AM
Well, you can rest assured that any issue you have with either of the two cars, we have you covered. ;)

01-07-2010, 01:43 AM
Well, you can rest assured that any issue you have with either of the two cars, we have you covered. ;)

Well - that IS comforting to know - even if, as an engineer, I usually dig as much as possible on my own before screaming for help.

Anyway - I had hoped to put off any extensive mechanical maitenance until the weather was better - yet the other day on the way to get the title and tag for my GT I noticed that the ST transmission is even slipping when some power applied - not just out of a shift. For the GT - I have this power steering problem when cold.

So - I could have taken care of the ST clutch early on when the weather was milder in November - and I even might press the GT into service to get me through till the spring.

Yet I think I'll rather have the "luck of car parts" - and now that the weather is colder than a witch's tit I'll be out there freezing and busting my knuckles.

In case you all don't know about the "luck of car parts" - it goes like this:

If there are two ways to put it on - you will always try the wrong way first.

If the bolt is hard to get to and you can only get 1/8th of a turn at a time - it will be fine thread and at least an inch long.

I guess I'll tackle the GT power steering problem first - and try to make it till spring driving that car. I need to gear up some more before attempting the ST clutch replacement - as I live in a suburban type home and while having a winch, I have no place strong enough to hang it from - thus will need to think about how I will lift and tilt the engine/trans combo as required to do the job.

Still - I do have this place so as to insure I will only need to do the job once by illustrating the right and wrong ways to install the parts - and that is indeed a comforting thought.