View Full Version : took the 6th gen struts apart

11-30-2009, 09:49 AM
so i finally got around to taking apart the 6th gen front shock assemblys i took off my car (have 5th gen ones on the front ATM) and the front shocks are actally in really good shape despite the bumpstops missing .

also they seem to be stiffer than the new kyb's i had laying around so i guess ill swap the h&r springs in the morning and go get some bumpstops and reassemble

so i was gonna post the shocks up for sale here but instead i guess ill do this cause one of my rears has a faint "klunk of death"


oh i also found out the 6th gen has a servicable front strut mount, just replace a skinny small bearing, which can be had from autozone for 41.99 each