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08-21-2009, 05:51 AM
I am thinking about painting my dash in white and black right now it is the stock blue color and i really want to change it (i have a 1990 celica gts). So i dont want to take out the whole dash because it will take forever for me to do so i am just going to tape off everything. So do you guys have any advice on how to do this, what kind of spray paint to use, anything that would help? oh and have any of you ever reupholstered the seats? any advise on this too would be appreciated. Thanks

08-21-2009, 07:32 PM
Okay, heres the idea... if you can AT ALL remove the dash, its going to actually save you more time and hastle into the future.

But if you can't the best thing to do is;
list of things to buy;

Painters tape ( the blue kind )
Black trash bags ( get like a pack of 20-30 ) (the reason i say black is because it blocks out the light so there wont be any glare to where you miss spots to paint.
Rattle cans are the easiest thing, and i've found that dupli-color apolstery paint works the best.
Sand paper - 2000 Grit ( believe it or not, painting apolstery requires a lot of prep as well, not just mask off point and shoot.)
small squirt bottle with mist option ( for wet sanding )
Tack pads ( a small rag like paper to get up small particles of dust and dirt )
Alcohol pads ( to clean after you've wet sanded )
News paper or masking paper

That's about it for parts now here's the steps;

mask off around your windows, door panels, carpet, any parts you don't want painted, seats, etc. ( make sure you mask behind the seams of your dash and parts you want painted, you don't want a line of where the paint stops visably )

Once masked off you will want to fill the squirt bottle with clean filtered water ( no salt resedue from dried water ) then SOFTLY wetsand applying hardly any pressure all over the areas that your'e going to paint.

Once you've sanded it thoroughly, take the alcohol pads and clean the surface COMPLETELY, then use the tack pad and wipe your dash off to get other dust, and dirt off of the dash.

Now you are ready to paint. Take your cans of paint and make sure the nozzles are completely clean and open, and ALWAYS do a test shot before spraying onto your dash. (use a peice of the news paper, or masking paper to test the spray of the paint. then hold the can 6-10 inches away from the surface spraying in ONE direction in a sweeping motion, never cross your paint directions or you'll leave a paint line.

You should only need about 3-4 coats of paint for a dash. Allow paint to dry about 15-30 minutes between each coat. Once you're finished with the last coat let the paint dry for aprox 4-6 hours. DO NOT REMOVE THE MASKING UNTIL AFTER THE PAINT HAS FULLY CURED! ( you don't want the masking to pull up any tacky paint ).

After its dry, go ahead and remove the masking, then allow it to sit again in the sun for about an hour or two... Once its done. Take another alcholol pad and LIGHTLY clean it for dust particles.

You are good to go!

If you're going to do actual plastic pieces, it is roughly the same process however you may require wet sanding between each coat, and primer is absolutly necissary!

Any questions just PM me bro... i've done this TONS of times.

Mr. Babb
08-22-2009, 12:17 AM
if you can AT ALL remove the dash, its going to actually save you more time and hastle into the future.

X2 all you really need is a scotch brite cloth to lightly sand it, then wipe it with a tack cloth or lint free cloth, then paint it with some SEM vinyl color!