View Full Version : #2 cyl miss

boosted gt
03-26-2005, 12:37 AM
after getting my celica back from my sister( loaned it to her) i noticed the engine had a miss. i tuned it up with new denso plugs, new cap/wires/rotor and it was still missing.

all cyls are getting good spark, i started pulling injector plugs and when i pulled the #2 injector plug there was no change in how the car ran(ran worse when other ingectors were unplugged) i put a noid light on the plug and it is pulsing so i guess i need an injector? when its cold and started its smooth till i put it in gear and it intermittantly idles smooth when warm. always misses when accelerating though

anyone have any ideas about checking something i missed besides a compression test( i'm doing that monday)?

the car is a 1990 celica st 1.6 4afe