View Full Version : Flippin Auburn Toyota...

07-21-2009, 06:45 AM
As I've gone through 4 stock rad caps on my ma70 in a year and a half, and if you don't let the motor cool down right before shutdown they ALL let the motor boil, I decided to get a high pressure cap.

Find TRD p/n PTR04-00000-02 on ebay for a few bucks, lose the auction :squint: and start calling around for it. List TRD price is $32, pricy, but worth it. I call Champion Toyota as they were the first dealer to show it in stock, and yep, $32, but also ~$10 for shipping :squint:

So I figure I can probably get it from my local dealer in Auburn cheap, and call them up. I get quoted $50.

Call another dealer, was told $32, and they said $50 was nuts for a price on it. So now I have to pay another dealer the $10 to get it shipped to my door.