View Full Version : upgraded axles

07-07-2009, 06:57 AM
i have a 91 celica gts with a 2nd gen 3sgte. i recently bought the e153 from a v6 camry.. now i need to get strong axles, so far i need camry inner cv joints and celica outter cv joints.. with a center axle rod...... but how can i make this set up strong? i have seen shops that will make custom axle center rod for 300 each i think.... and i have seen web sites that offer stronger cv cages but for mr2's only, for around 300 dollars... soo at this point i wounder if there is a simple setup i can buy that is allready built to take 400-500 hp... i saw driveshaft shop offering mr2 axles for 1800, i just cant stand spending that much on axles....

let me know what your ideas are

thanks vic