View Full Version : crazy thought (B5234t in my RA42 USGP)

06-18-2009, 03:41 AM
So the only reason I'm even considering such a swap is because I happen to have wrecked volvo c70 turbo chillin next to my 1980 celica. Besides the volvo B5234T turbocharged, 5 cylinder, 20 valve, twincam, porsche designed, badass piece, produces about 247 bhp and 243 ft.lbs, with decent economy to boot.

The first obvious problem, is that "The volvo engine is of an east west configuration, and the toyota is north south...".. Problem, it is not, the aw3040 and m90 transmissions are for rwd and directly bolt to th e 5 cyl. Also adaptor plates are available to mount t5 and t56 trans to the volvo engine. The block it self has suitable mounting points in a rwd configuration, and has been used in quite a few rwd volvos successfuly. So besides a transmission, clutch parts, motor mounts, custom drive shaft, stronger differential with discbrakes. I have Everything I need for the swap right in my garage.

The only problem is, I don't really like the thought of bastardizing toyotas. Then again this car would be blast to drive with that heart in it. The volvo belongs to my Bro, but I think he would make me a great deal on the engine/supporting parts.

What do youse guys think?