View Full Version : Gen 5 3SGE Celica Manual Tranny Questions

05-27-2009, 09:31 AM
Hi, i just got a few quesions about the transmission in my celica (gen 2 3SGE),

How much power can the standard manual transmission hold in a 1990 celica GTR 4WS(3SGE)?

If i ever had to replace the engine for some reason, could i bolt up a 3sge beams or a 3sgte to the standard transmission with the clutch and tranny being safe and using the same loom and ecu, basically just plug n play?
And what would i do about the exhaust and exhaust headers, would they fit straight on?

Also, on the passenger side outer cv joint is a speed sensor ring for the 4ws which is needed for the four wheel steering to wrok, basically an ABS ring. If i had to bolt up a new tranny with a new engine, what would i do with the outer cv joint? Would i have to get drive shaft modified or custom made to the right dimensions so the ring can fit on and fit the tranny, etc?
Do you understand what i mean?

Might seem like stupid questions but i have just had an idea of a 200bhp Four Wheel Steer Celica, would be great handling with some great speed.

05-27-2009, 01:54 PM
If all you're talking about is 200 bhp then I think you'll be okay.