View Full Version : '98 S-281 Saleen Cobra vs. My Alltrac

04-22-2009, 05:38 AM
I was cruising on the interstate last wednesday when my Alltrac claimed its first kill.

I saw a bright yellow mustang with the saleen front bumper coming from behind. I immediately noticed that it had NO HOOD and looked like a lot of shiny aftermarket stuff under the hood. The 'stang pulled up beside me and I noticed the Saleen decals and decals that said "0-14". After some research, I found that there were only 14 Saleen Cobras produced in 1998. They came with 305hp from the factory.

I was looking over his car when he began revving at me.. I guess he saw my huge canister muffler hanging out of the back of my car and thought I was a ricer. His car sounded pretty damn nice. I was kind of hesitant to race at first, but I gave him the nod and downshifted to 3rd gear. I bumped the gas a few times so he would take off first... and he took off.

I floored it and almost immediately spooled to 19.5psi. By the time I revved 3rd gear out to 7500rpms I pulled almost 3 car lengths on him. I slowed back down and he lined up beside me again and downshifted.. I guess he thought something was wrong with his car on the first run. We went again and had the same outcome.. I raped it pretty hard.

Guess he wasn't expecting a ~350awhp Celica.. LOL.

04-22-2009, 06:44 AM
badass. your all trac kill threads are much more epic then the 14.7 monster to me.