View Full Version : 5sfe hesitation

03-19-2005, 08:07 PM
90 gt, 5sfe
i've been having this problem for a while now. my engine hesitates while i'm accelerating and it jolts back and forth. i immediately thought it was a fuel problem. turns out i had a fouled out injector, so i replaced all of them. the ditributor was also leaking oil from the shaft, so i got a new one, plus new rotor and cap. also, replaced the fuel filters (inside and outside the tank).

but it's still doing it! could this be my clutch maybe? the clutch isn't even a year old, everything has been replaced or rebuilt except for the tranny. any ideas?

03-19-2005, 09:23 PM
No sir.. I think we've all had this problem with our 5SFE's.. I had the same issues soon after I bought my car.. A few things I did to correct it was,

Check ignition and crank timing.. adjusted them.. I also played with the TPS and found a pretty decent spot with the ign. timing and TPS.. also I pulled the air filter.. and found it was trashed.. after I removed that.. car ran MUCH better.. I did the fuel filter as well.. new NGK plugs.. new NGK wires and cap.. OE replacement rotor..

The 5SFE is really sensitive to ignition malfunctions.. so any type of error in crank timing or ignition timing can really screw things up..

My gas mileage was also pretty horrible too.

So look at your ignition timing.. check your crank/cam timing.. and check your air filter (which i'm sure you've done already :) )

Ohh, also check ALL of your vacuum hoses, especially the one going to the MAP sensor.. mine wasn't cracked, however for some reason it wasn't holding vacuum anymore.. like if I put the hose in my mouth and held the other end closed with my filter.. sucked a vacuum and then slipped my tongue over.. that kind of test.. it wouldn't hold vacuum.. so I replaced with a new hose (which held vacuum with my little idiots test) lol..

OOhhhhh! another thing REALLY simple for you to test.. DISCONNECT ALL VACUUM LINES on your throttle body that go to the EGR valves.. and just loop them on the throttle body, so you don't want any of your EGR shit connected to vacuum.. do that first.. I'm betting you'll find everything runs fine then...