View Full Version : later year meet???? west coast????

04-07-2009, 08:19 PM
yes i know we have the dragon, and its great from what i hear and trust me i do plan to run it next year.

but would anyone on the west coast like to have a meet on our side of the country as well? driving to Tennessee would be a good road trip but thats three days on the road, the dragon weekend and three days home.....

im just hoping enough ppl would like to have one near the west coast.

Mods, admins, could you guys turn this thread into a poll just to see????



if this were to be setup as a yearly meet im saying octoberish, would you guys want to go on a road to test your cars limits and have fun, or a relaxing decent length road with a beautiful scenery to it, and a lunch in the woods?

Ill let you guys all decide.