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03-18-2005, 04:38 AM
I already talk to Sean about this (thanks for all of your help Sean), but I just wanted to through it out there for all of the rest of you Celica fanatics. When I was driving to school the other day it was cold outside and the clutch pedal would come out to where it would "catch", or the friction point, and just pop out the rest of the way from there. This was only happening in 1st gear, but when I was approaching the school going up a hill the clutch pedal stuck all the way to the back, and wouldn't engage the transmission again. So I was pretty much stuck in neutral rolling my way onto the shoulder and just parked my car there. When I came back to my car it was having the same troubles, now it happens in every gear, I kinda feel a "click" between when I'm pressing the clutch pedal to shift gears where it would catch, and it does the same thing it would do in first it would go to friction point and stick there then "pop" out. Sean and I deduced that it might by the Clutch Master Cylinder or the shift cables binding, but what do you guys think? Could it be something that I'm not thinking of? I'm taking it to my mechanic tomorrow and we'll see what he says.

Clutch "sticks" when it reaches friction point.
Only happens when it's cold.
Feel a "click" when going past where it would catch everytime I shift
Clutch Master Cylinder or Shift Cables?

03-18-2005, 05:24 AM
Well, I had this same issue when I was bleeding my clutch system.. I would have my assistant press the clutch down and then I would open the bleeder nipple.. then close it and have my assistant release the clutch.. well it wouldn't go back up.. So I told him to pull the peddle back up.. that worked.. and then I went through the process again.. told him to push it down.. then he had to pull it back up.. well as i finished up i just had him pump the clutch a few times pulling it back up as needed and it returned to normal operation.

My guess.. it's the master cylinder..