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03-13-2009, 07:17 PM
I mentioned on a couple other threads about an alternitive option for a broken flex pipe. Well, I found this whole front pipe with a flex pipe and resonator on ebay. The name of the store is Mac Auto Parts. The listing stated that the it had a stainless steel flex pipe, but I wanted to know what the whole pipe was made of. So I called and was informed that the whole thing was stainless steel. So I ordered it. A week and a half passed and I heard nothing. So I messaged them twice and finally they told me to call. So I called and was told that they didn't have my information at hand and would call me back. So the next day they email me a tracking number, and the item was just shipped. So it took me calling to get them to ship it. I recieved the pipe and it wasn't even in a box. it was painted black and badly scratched and a dent in the resonator. So I took the pipe with me to work and had the machine shop test the pipe with a alloy gun. The gun indicated that the pipe was made of Carbon Steel, but the flex was stainless. I was lied to by the store. So I called and asked for a refund. The guy was very rude. He stated that the damage doesn't hinder the use-ible of it so the damage really doesn't matter. He stated that the auction clearly states that only they flex pipe was stainless steel. He didn't care that I was told that it was made of stainless, and he stated that it was made of Aluminized Steel. Well, I told him he's lying to me now because I had it tested, and it was Carbon Steel. He refused to work with me.he said all he could do is refund my money, minus 20% for restocking, and minus shipping. So I'm in the process of filing a claim with paypal.

Now that I told my story, I hope that none of you will do buisness with Mac Auto Parts. :thumbsdow The story policy states the following: "We will provide a replacement or refund for any such item returned within 30 days of the original ship date," "If you choose a refund for the part, we will refund your shipping and handling expenses for a part sent to you in error, received defective or damaged in shipping. This refund will be automatically credited upon receipt and inspection of the part."

03-13-2009, 07:24 PM

I would make sure I stick to my guns and make them honor that. Sorry for your trouble man.

03-18-2009, 07:14 PM
Paypal ruled in my favor today. I get a complete refund, but have to pay for the return shipping.