View Full Version : Went to Pick N Pull today

03-12-2009, 08:19 PM

duel tip muffler off a GTS.
That fender piece in between the hood and bumper(which im selling, pics to come tonight)
A side light
02 sensor
vacuum port switch whatever

They got like 4 celicas now, 2 5th gens, and like 3-4 4th gens.

Anyone want anything? ill go sunday and get what i can for you guys this time, i got nothing to do, and need to go back.

Just make it something easy to pull lol, im not pulling tranny's and motors. But list what you need one more time, so i can grab stuff.

Joe-i think i might have your cluster you need, they have one rolla there, but i didnt know what year you wanted.

Im going THIS coming sunday, cause ill have some cash, you just got to pay what i paid for it, and shipping, nothing extra.