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03-02-2009, 02:57 PM
We have a very large shipment of these arriving next week and are putting them on sale for a short time. Get your orders in quick before they're gone.

Pro-Z Manual Boost Controller
Normally: $79.99
SALE: $39.99


This is the lowest price we have EVER had on the Pro-Z boost controllers. They are by far the best manual boost controller available on the market, and definitely the best looking.

There simply is no other manual boost controller available like the new MBC Pro-Z. While many sellers of manual boost controllers simply sell cheaply constructed knock-offs, then call them "innovative". This MBC is truly a new and ingenious design. The MBC Pro-Z provides fast spool-up and rock-solid boost level stability, adjustable to over 30 PSI.

The new MBC - Pro Z introduces several new intelligent features.

MBC Pro-Z features:
- Completely self contained - no external moving pieces other than the adjustment knob.
- The adjustment knob rotates... but it does not move in and out!
- No lock nut. Adjust to your desired setting and let go. The adjustment knob stays put right where you set it.
- "One piece" design means that the adjustment knob can not come off. There is no possibility of adjustment knob loss.
- Ball & Spring design which means your turbo spools as quickly as possible. The wastegate actuator gets NO boost pressure until your dial-in boost is reached!
- Incredibly small. Measures less than 1.5 inches from the top of the adjustment knob to the bottom of the body (not including "bottom" barb), and less than 1.2 inches in width (not including "side" barb).
- Machined from aluminum which provides for extreme longevity and trouble-free use.
- Knob is engraved for easy adjustment. Arrows show the directions for increasing and decreasing your desired boost setting.
- Lifetime warranty