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03-17-2005, 02:25 AM
yeah i've had ma GTS for quite a while its been ma daily driver since ma dad rebuilt tha engine in like...92-94 not sure...but it still runs no prob. i have also been trying to put n intake on like alot of u guys but don't know where to start...well i got tha cone....i just wonder if i can take off just tha cover n tha filter of tha stock one n just jam on tha high flow cone..cause i don't wanna have to take out tha bracket thats inbetween tha stock air filter and tha AFM..i dunno.maybe after that i'll get some lowering springs.....anyone know where i can get them???

03-17-2005, 07:39 AM
someone made a post on Celica-GTS.com about making an open air filter mod. i'll copy and paste it here

more air=more power and the stock restrictive air can isnt cutting it....

parts needed:
3" air filter-around 20 bucks for a cheap filter and 30 for a k&n
MAF adapter-10 bucks at autozone
hose clamp-should come with filter, but if not can be easily found at hardware store
phillips screw driver
10mm socket, ratchet, and extension
step 1:
first you need to remove the air can.
remove the air can lid by taking off all the clamps and putting it aside. the stock filter will just pull out so put it aside to. now grab the 10mm or screwdriver and pull off all the bolts that are holding the bracket to the frame of the car by the radiator and the hard to get to one by the coolant overflow. now take the 4 bolts that hold the air can to the afm out. the last thing is the snorkel that is held on by a bolt on the top by the radiator. this should be all needed to pull the crappy air can out and that can be disposed of by the garbage men on wednesday
step 2:
now you will need to make a braket to hold the air filter off the frame so you dont scratch up that nice pretty chrome and make it flow through the bottom of the filter. now is also a good time to clean the afm and also pull this little rubber grommet that is on the bottom where the can was by the headlight assembly that might make more air come in for the filter...also a good time for a smoke break if you are like me to make the braket, take a piece of thin but not too thin metal and bend the bottom to make a mount to the frame and drill a hole to send a screw through to the frame. now take a dremel tool or grinder and carve a semi circle that the filter can sit in off the frame.
step 3:
now take the maf adapter gasket and the adapter itself and mount it using the 4 bolts to the afm. after that is done take the filter and hose clamp and mount it to the maf adapter. set the filter in the bracket and start that 22re up and hear the new sound coming from your afm.....WOOSH

taken from this url: http://www.celica-gts.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2668&st=0

03-23-2005, 02:45 AM
thanks alot mang that site helped alot