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02-24-2009, 05:42 PM
This is an introductory group buy for this turbo kit at a deeply discounted price. All orders placed through this group buy should be shipping approximately the 2nd week of April 2009. Compressor and turbine polishing are FREE during this group buy. So please do not select the option to polish the compressor and turbine housings.

This group buy will be closed on March 15th or when we get 20 orders in. Whichever comes first.

* Custom designed turbo that bolts directly to the OEM 3sgte exhaust manifold
* Stainless steel turbine housing - never rusts, keeps heat in better, spools faster, makes more power
* Available in T3/T4 or super fast spoolling S200 series "extended tip" turbos
* Internal 38mm wastegate
* Stainless"divorced" downpipe setup with 3" downpipe and 1.5" "screamer" pipe
* Braided stainless steel -4AN oil feed line
* Braided stainless steel -10AN oil return line
* Custom machined fittings for a perfect fit
* All new gaskets
* New mounting hardware with special "deformed" nuts that will never back out
* New coupler for turbo out let
* New coupler for turbo inlet

* Polished compressor housing
* Polished turbine housing

Turbo Choices:
Turbo Supported power level
T3/T4 46 trim - 400bhp - click here for compressor map (http://emspowered.com/images/products/turbokit/compressormaps/t04e-46.jpg)
T3/T4 50 trim - 475bhp - click here for compressor map (http://emspowered.com/images/products/turbokit/compressormaps/to4e-50.jpg)
S247 "extended tip" - 370bhp - click here for compressor map (http://emspowered.com/images/products/turbokit/compressormaps/S247_compressor_map.jpg)
S250 "extended tip" - 425bhp - click here for compressor map (http://emspowered.com/images/products/turbokit/compressormaps/S250_compressor_map.jpg)
S252 "extended tip" - 500bhp - click here for compressor map (http://emspowered.com/images/products/turbokit/compressormaps/S252_compressor_map.jpg)
S256 "extended tip" - 610bhp - click here for compressor map (http://emspowered.com/images/products/turbokit/compressormaps/S256_compressor_map.jpg)

Wastegate actuator choices:
* Low pressure actuator - base pressure of 9psi with maximum of 20psi using boost controller
* High pressure actuator - base pressure of 14psi with maximum of 30psi using boost controller

Please make sure to select the options of your choice at the bottom before adding to your shopping cart

We offer the best waranty in the industry. Lifetime warranty on entire kit other than turbo. 1 year warranty on the turbo.

Yes we ship internationally. Shipping is calculated upon checkout through our online store to your exact location.

Time to delivery:
All orders placed through this group buy are expected to ship approximately the second week of April 2009.

MR2 Bolt-on Turbo Kit (300-625hp) - $1,599.00 : EMSPowered, High Quality, Great Service, Low Prices (http://www.emspowered.com/storefront/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35&products_id=325)

More pictures will be added in a few days:

03-04-2009, 05:09 PM
6 orders in, 14 more remaining for this group buy before we close it.

03-16-2009, 09:17 AM
We have 8 more spots available for this group buy!

Group buy has been extended to March 31st. A couple dyno's coming in the next few weeks. Not in time for the group buy unfortunately.

We got all of the revisions finished on the downpipe and wastegate screamer pipe. Here are pictures of the completed kit bolted on:





03-20-2009, 10:22 PM
This is a quick dyno we did yesterday of the S250. Car was a 1991 Gen2 3sgte MR2. EMSPowered intercooler, Greddy PEx exhaust, and EMSPowered S250 turbo kit. Stock Ecu, Stock 440cc injectors.

Blue graph is on the wastegate only and held at a solid 12psi and made good power. Spool came a little late because there was no boost controller installed. Red graph is with a boost controller on there, but we had to cut the run short because we couldnt get the boost controller set correctly (as you can tell from the.

Thoughts: Look at the red graph, the spool is absolutely INSANE on this turbo. You get CT20b/GT28RS spool, but have the capacity to reach around 400rwhp. That is unheard of in any previous MR2 turbo kits. Keep in mind, these runs are on a completely stock, untuned Gen2 3sgte. With a proper tune, cams, and fuel mods you will see even better spool, and a lot more top end power.

Preliminary dyno testing for EMSPowered S250 turbo kit:


04-03-2009, 03:29 PM
Here are pictures of the new downpipe we made for the guys that don't want the screamer pipe that dumps externally. It incorporated a huge 1 5/8" wastegate. It is available as well for anyone that wants this version instead of the screamer pipe.


05-05-2009, 04:18 AM
Hey guys. Been busy trying to keep everyone going that is involved in making these turbo kits. The downpipes arrived last week. We have 15 here ready to go. The turbos are all here as well. The only thing we're waiting on is the turbine housings and compressor housings to come back from the polishers. They were supposed to be ready before the downpipes were, but they got delayed slightly. Here's what they look like after the full polish.


And a pic of a few of the downpipes:

Olly, I know you're on a time crunch to meet your deadline before your show. I'll do everything that I can to get it there in time for you. All of the kits are boxed and ready and just waiting on the housings to come back.