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02-23-2009, 11:10 PM
Always, always, always check as much as you can when your car is up for routine maintenance.

I'm lucky, though. My pops was able to get my car into the body shop he manages, which is quite spacious (15+ cars, two paint bays), has a lift, tons of tools and is HEATED. We get the car up on a lift to replace front pads on the 'ol ST, which is still putting strong at 165k miles.

I got in a bad habit of not checking the dipstick, for the simple reason that I never park on ground that's level enough to get a reliable reading. So I checked the dipstick now, about 3k miles after an oil change, and find that there's just a little drop of oil on the end of the dipstick. Go in to get a fresh reading on it, and it shows no oil the second time pulling it. Faaaantastic.

I know how this happened, too. Took it into a Valvoline quick oil change place, and I had them put in the good stuff... synthetic blend 5W30... but their computer tells them to put in 3.8 quarts. Which I don't think was enough, I always use 4 quarts. Should have took the initiative to top it off.

We top it off with 10w40, which is not the desired oil. We figured by reading the dipstick that the engine was probably 2 quarts low. Nice. I got no idea what that did to my poor little engine.

Then, like a smart person, pops takes a look at the coolant. Which is now a color halfway between Antifreeze Green and "Damn it to hell that's oil" brown. Hurray for the head gasket being shot and oil being in the coolant!

Further inspection reveals possible leaks from the valve cover gasket, possibly contributing to the 2 quarts of oil lost.

A routine head gasket job and $132 will fix the problem. It's frustrating to have to fix, but damn, I feel we got lucky by finding the problem. Don't know what the engine would have been like a month from now if we didn't find it.

Look over your car good, kiddies! And don't smoke them crack rocks! :smokin:

joe's gt
02-24-2009, 05:22 AM
At least you caught it before blowing your engine. Try having a coolant hose burst on the freeway that causes no smoke and exits so fast that your temp gauges don't register overheating because all your coolant is gone and you blow up your head.

Hopefully the head gasket job does end up being routine. lol. good luck.