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02-23-2009, 06:09 AM
Ok i am new member to celicatech, came from toyotacelicas.com and like noone over there seems to help ne more.

Just to make sure, this is more a question and some help, i hope i am in the right section.

ok i have a 7afe, i have completed everything i've wanted to bottom end. i had it bored from 81 to a 82.5 mm, forged wiseco pistons, pauter rods, rings (9.5:1 comp) high velocity oil pump, bearings ect... i am adding a turbo kit, looking at garret t25bb.

ok with that mentioned, i cant find a single thing to where i can boost my top end. i was looking for cams with longer durations, performance springs, basically the works. so i am wondering, do any other heads fit on the 7afe, whats needed for the modification, machineing, ect.., i heard the 4age fit right on there, but i am still coming up empty handed looking for parts.

so please any ideas, or sites would be much helped

if this is posted in the wrong forum i aplogize and please re-direct

02-23-2009, 05:25 PM
The 7afe uses the economy head and has a head like the 4afe. So your not going to find much aftermarket for the head because of the design.

You can build a 7age (7afe bottom end and 4age head) but need to figure out which head you want first because they come in different flavors. MR2OC has a great thread discussing a 7age build and club4ag has a lot of information as well. NIK from here and 6gc.net built a pretty decent 7age that is putting out about or over 350whp.

You'll have to have something to control the Fuel and Spark as well because the 7age wont run off of the 7afe ecu. At the minimum you would have to run the 4age ecu and an EManage or SAFC to help tune it.

I hope this helps. Personally I have a design for an NA 7age 20v and a Turbo 7age 20v. :)

02-26-2009, 05:51 AM
yea thanks colossus, ive been over there and over here and toyota celica.com, but i might do the 4agze head with supercharger and 7a lower end, i have all the internals that are top notch and can handle all the extra power, i found a complete 4agze online with wiring and ecu and tranny, might do that and just switch things over, do think i am gonna need a stand alone still tho

02-26-2009, 07:53 AM
how much did you spend on doing this kind of work