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02-12-2009, 03:24 AM
I'm going to copy the thread from newcelica.org because the gains on this thing are just crazy. I wish I could afford this thing.

Cliff Notes:
PowerFC (standalone EMS) dynos
Stock Intake Manifold + PFC = 168whp/128wtq
DD Intake Manifold + PFC = 190whp/135wtq
22whp/7wtq gain overall with a 35whp gain at the lift transition!!

Stock ECU dynos
Stock Intake Manifold + Stock ECU = 152whp/111wtq
DD Intake Manifold + Stock ECU = 182whp/128wtq
30whp/17wtq gain overall with OVER 50WHP GAIN DURING LIFT TRANSITION!!

Originally Posted By Boosted2.0 @ Newcelica.org:

Here are the results of today's dyno testing. To make a long story short we made 23 HP peak and over 35 at the old lift transition. There is no power dip on with the manifold so its kind of hard to tell but the new lifttransition is at 4600 RPM. This is the same car, same day same dyno - we never even unstrapped it off the dyno since the intake is very easy to swap from above. JesseIL was in town for work and came by and he was present the whole time as an independent observer and he also helped out with the Power FC tuning (thanks Jesse!)

The car used is Littlerockets GTS. Its a stock junkyard motor he put in when he hydrolocked the other motor a few months ago. It has about 75K on it and it uses a bit of oil. (went through between 1/2 and 3/4 quarts on the dyno today). It has a stock header that I ported, a straight pipe with no cat and a Magnaflow muffler. The engine itself is bone stock and actually seems pretty weak so the overall numbers for before and after would probably have been considerably higher on a healthy one, let alone one with head work and cams and a racing header. The before numbers are a stock intake and TB. The after numbers are out prototype intake and Q45 throttle body. We expect to be able to further improve the numbers with the production intake by probably 4 or 5 HP. (The prototype has the runners attached to the plenum with soft rubber couplers which we couldn't keep from sagging that resulted in misalignment - we had to do this to allow us to change teh runner length for testing. This is the STREET intake manifold - it clears the Celica hood with no problem. One component will be relocated and the appropriate bracket will be included in the kit.

We were unable to determine the full capabilities of the new intake manifold because, while we did have 440cc injectors on the car, we had a bad fuel filter and had to stop at about 190 HP so we never bothered to shorten the runner length to see what power we could make with a higher torque peak.

We haven't finishe dtestign yet but we did get one more shot that I don't have teh run files for, but we hit 194 and moved the torque peak slightly.

Without further ado here is the dyno - I will post more information about the days activities further down in the post.


Oh - we will NOT post pictures of the manifold until they are being sold, but here is a teaser pic of one of the sexy custom CNC head flanges we are having made:


Update - 2/7/09
We were HOPING for 15 HP gain on the stock ECU, but once again our little intake that could blew us away. Check it out - 30 HP gain versus stock Intake on the stock ecu and OVER 50 HP during lift transition

To say this surpassed our expectations doesn't even come close.

The other good news is we were able to pretty much finish our testing - we would have liked to do some more but on pull 180 David's final drive came apart and blew a hole in the transmission case. Sucky sucky. We had some issues with our adapter for the stock TB as well (bug vacuum leak - we need to remake it), but considering that the stock ECU seems to like the Q45 TB just fine and it made 30 friggin HP, getting back to the dyno to post stock TB numbers isn't high on our list. We'll do it eventually and I'm sure they will be fine, but seriously, you would be insane not to spend the extra $50 - $100 to get the Q45 TB and get the full benefit as tested.

We made it to 197 HP with the power FC this time. As mentioned, I will NOT be posting further dynos with the power FC as I do not intend to disclose where we are setting the torque peak until the production peice is on sale. So lets pretend that we still ONLY made 194 like last time with a motor that guzzles oil, is weak as hell, and a transmission thats busy failing ;)

With no further ado - here is the dyno results. Same day, same dyno. Car was never unstrapped from the dyno, ECU was reset prior to the runs for both and we did 3 runs for both and picked the best on the 3 for both. Mods are an Injen CAI (used on both pulls - we did NOT use a 3" CAI), stock header ported by me, decat and a bagnaflow muffler and a fidanza flywheel. Other features include a weak engine thats going through oil at an alarming rate and has a huge amount of blow by and a transmission that was in the process of failing the final drive.

http://www.controlledinertia.com/Portals/0/396/Stock%20ECU-%20DD%20prototype%20vs%20stock%20intake%20manifold .jpg

and here are the SAE numbers and run info :

http://www.controlledinertia.com/Portals/0/396/Stock%20ECU-%20DD%20prototype%20vs%20stock%20intake%20manifold %20SAE%20numbers.jpg

Also as promised I took some video clips for sound purposes and here they are:

Stock intake manifold with Injen CAI:

DD Performance Research Prototype Manifold making a dyno pull:

DD Performance Research intake manifold blipping throttle - notice how damn fast this thing responds and revs - it sounds like a friggin bike:

So there you have it. I'm pretty sure I can safely say that if you buy EVERY other bolt on part you can get and run them ALL with the stock ECU you won't even make a combined 30 HP gain. Oh - and it sounds cool as hell.

The Group buy is full. I will still be accepting deposits for the first production run for a little while - the retail price will be $1000 for the first run but may go up after, not including the Throttle body. We will post dynos with stock ECU, stock TB etc at a later date (we didn't have time to do them today). We will offer an adapter to allow the stock TB to be used instead of the Q45 TB.

The group buy price was $850 unless enough peices are ordered that we can lower out final production cost considerably. The group buy was limited to the first 10 people to send me deposits. At this point you can send a deposit to hold a spot for an intake from the first batch, but it will be at full price. The deposit will be $400 and we expect to be able to deliver the intakes within 60-90 days maximum.

The intake will be heavy gauge aluminum and feature a CNC head flange, CNC intake bells, Computerized mandrel bent runners, CNC plenum end etc.

02-25-2009, 01:02 AM
no one has any love for your 2zz. that is redick tho.

02-25-2009, 01:23 AM
That is pretty sweet... it's a nice HP gain for an NA motor... and considering how cheap NA power isn't on anything 4cyl that's not a Honda...

That is to say, if I could get 50 WHP for $1000 without going forced induction, I would.

02-25-2009, 01:48 AM
That is a huge gain! The dyno plots show that it's fairly smooth overall as well. If I had a 7gc I would be all over one of these.

It kinda puts into perspective some of the "reworking" that Lotus may have done for the Elise now...

Lots of potential there. Now consider going FI on this thing with that intake.. :D:D:D

02-25-2009, 01:54 AM
That is a huge gain! The dyno plots show that it's fairly smooth overall as well. If I had a 7gc I would be all over one of these.

It kinda puts into perspective some of the "reworking" that Lotus may have done for the Elise now...

Lots of potential there. Now consider going FI on this thing with that intake.. :D:D:D

Lotus didn't do any "reworking". They only changed the tuning. The engine parts are exactly the same between the Celica/Lotus/Corolla/Matrix/Vibe.

02-25-2009, 01:59 AM
I had read somewhere that Lotus had done some work on the head. :shrug:

This is a killer mod though! Did you happen to get in on the group buy? Is it planned for a later date?

I'd love to see what times you could pull with this on your car. :)

02-25-2009, 03:16 AM
i have no clue what this lift thing is but thats a pretty huge gain...

i have this thing for N/A 4 cylinders

joe's gt
02-25-2009, 03:38 AM
Its amazing what a more streamlined, efficiently flowing, equalizing path for the air can accomplish. Nice work. Definitely didn't expect 30 HP from just a manifold tho. Thats amazing, and whats even more amazing, is that it is an NA.

Great job guys. Hefty little price tag though. But with limited options for NA besides forced induction, a very nice performance mod.

02-25-2009, 04:31 AM
Wow, thats sweet, kinda wish I had one of those space shuttle 7th gens now...

02-25-2009, 04:40 AM
Do you have A/F readings for the pulls?

02-25-2009, 04:46 PM
Good Lord that is quite impressive!

02-26-2009, 06:12 AM
thats really impressive i'm dieing to see the pic's!