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02-07-2009, 12:38 AM
Today I went to the Junkyard and I was lucky enough to find a 86 Celica GT.

I took off the 3-peice spoiler, strut tower brace, headlight trim, Grille, and rear side marker.

My headlight trims are nice, but these were nicer (and free, thanks to my pockets) The grille was 14.95$ and the 3-peice spoiler and Strut tower brace were 12$ (together)

I installed the STB today, and it cleaned up really nice with some degreaser.

I swapped out the headlight trims for the 86 ones and they are nice, I have spares now, which I wanna sell, but I cant sell on here due to circumstances.

The grilled was a pain in the ass, the one on my car was rigged to hell, it had bolts holding in the push clips and rivets holding the two-peice grille together.

So I tore off the old shit and put in the 86 grille which looks like near new.

The spoiler will go on once it gets a hair bit warmer here in minnesnowta :laugh:

Some other ventures that ill have to make is to repaint the roof kuz the clear is fading and there is a hole from someone who drilled a hole?

my front lips is broken in two spots but should be repairable....

The side lips and rear skirt are missing, so ill be wanted to find those sometime.

Ill post pics soon with progress, its dark outside so pics will suck....

but the celica has been fun so far....

this summer ill be swaping in a lower mileage 5sfe with new clutch and tranny....

My engine has 217k right now and the tranny clicks thru the gears.... its peppy tho for the miles....

02-11-2009, 08:21 AM
Today I installed the GT trunklid and spoiler.

I cut the shifter and installed a shift knob off a mazda mx3 which has a thing on the inside to hold the shift boot onto the knob, so I rigged that up and now it looks like a stock install.

the shifter feels alot better being a little bit shorter instead of 2 feet tall like it was.

pics to come

also, I clicked my way past 218,000 miles today! :lolhittin

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cardomain page, click it and view the pics, leave some comments.