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01-25-2009, 08:12 PM
Hey everyone,

I found this place through MR2OC.org.
As you can see from my little profile <----- I'm an MR2 owner. Being a Canadian with our great winters I can't really drive the deuce every month of the year (try only 5). I'm looking for a winter car and I was thinking a few options but then one of the guys on MR2OC suggested I get a ST205.

I don't know a ton about them, except their great engines of course. So I had a few questions to see if it would fit my needs. I was thinking economy previously but if I could get something as fun as my deuce for winter I'd be a pig in shit.

I take a lot of trips to the mountains so I'd mount a roof rack (I'm assuming getting a pair of 178cm skis in the back might be a challenge especially if I wanna cram a couple friends in with snowboards boots and gear to match). But the rear hatch, how big is it? I'm assuming too, that the rear seats can fold flat, if the GF and I wanna take a bit of a camping trip in the summer (again, the MR2 isn't the best on long gravel roads) but correct me if I'm wrong. How much room is there in the rear seats? Would someone about 5"10' be decently comfortable in the back for a few hours? And I'm not sure if anyone would know this, my MR2 is an import so I would most likely import again, do the JDMs have any axillary heaters installed (block, in-line coolant, oil pan?) or would that be something I'd be adding once she got here.

Any help would be great. I've tried some searching and looked through the forum a bit and it looks like I may have, for the first time found a forum on the same level or possibly better (don't tell them though) than the MR2OC forum.

Thanks ahead of time.

Idiot Stick
01-25-2009, 08:37 PM
Im in Canada too, and I would definately consider getting a 185 over a 205 as a 'winter beater'. The 205 will not only cost more, but the parts will be way more difficult to get your hands on when something breaks.

And besides, are the 205's available for importing yet?

01-25-2009, 08:38 PM
The only way to get an ST205 is to import it. They were never available in the North American Market.

Since you are familiar with what it takes to import a car, know that the ST205 (`94-`99) are only just now becoming legal to import. There is an importer in Calgary that has some, but the price is going around $12-14k CND.

I doubt that they will come with auxiliary heaters in the block, but I don't see this being a hard modification.

As for the room, they are rather roomy cars as long as you intend to use only the front seats. I own a 4th and a 5th Gen (`89 and `90 respectively) and other than a short jaunt to the store, those few unlucky souls who are forced to sit in the back don't take too kindly to it. With the rear seats folded down, they are amazingly roomy and capable of holding a lot given the size of the car to begin with.

Another option, albeit not as awesome, would be an ST185 or one of the many FWD variants of the Celica.

The AWD Turbo versions (ST165, ST185 and ST205) are marvelously engineered cars, but they command a premium for it. The platform is superb for winter, but again, the rarity and pure prowess of the chassis is a bit underrated for use as a 'winter beater.'

Again, maybe I am just biased as a Celica owner. ;)

01-25-2009, 08:56 PM
Winter beaters is what I'm doing now and getting kinda sick of it. I should have mentioned earlier that I want a car more reliable and don't mind paying for it. I want something I can run up to the mountains at least 10 time/year with. Probably even more as I'll most likely be done school in December and then no do anything significant so I can get one good year of skiing in before I have to come back into reality.

So I don't mind paying about $10K for a winter car. I may wait until next Dec/Jan to import if the rarity is an issue at this point. The vehicle I'm driving now might make it through another winter if I do some work on her this summer.

I'm assuming the ST185 is the earlier gen of the ST205? Or were they produced parallel as two different trims? What would the major differences be between a 185 and a 205? Advantages/disadvantages to both?

The three/four person thing is fine, if we want to go up with more than two and no one else volunteers to drive I'm always more than happy too since I always have enough room in the pilots chair.

Thanks again guys.

01-25-2009, 09:13 PM
The ST185 was the Fifth Gen Celica.

The ST205 was the 6th Gen Celica.

There are numerous differences, body aesthetics aside, the ST185 came with the 2nd Gen 3SGTE and an ATA IC. the ST205 got the 3rd Gen 3SGTE and a WTA IC.

Applications considered, the cars are pretty much the same, with parts being more readily available for the ST185 as it was available domestically.

01-25-2009, 09:26 PM
I miss my fifth gen, and yes it had a lot of room.

I purchased a 96 Volvo 850 wagon as a winter car. Its a turbo five cylinder and really well made.

Obviously, they are plenty large enough for what you want to do. Take peek at one of those. Mine handles marvelously in the snow.

I wouldn't want to ruin an All-Trac as a winter beater.

01-25-2009, 09:52 PM
As state before the back seats in the ST185 are useless, ive tried to fit people in but most of my friends are quite tall and it became uncomfortable even for the shortest trips... so ive taken them out (ive got a ST182 though but the interior is the same) the space in the back is huge and can easily fit my snowboard... apart from at the beginning (guy said it had a few problems) everything has worked well and never have i doubted its reliability, its a Toyota.

I wouldnt worry about trips to the mountain, ive done quite a few since ive owned the car and even with the FWD it was okay... but DO get a 4WD, the FWD is useless in the snow, other FWD are much better..

david in germany
01-25-2009, 10:05 PM
205 =

185 =
http://bringatrailer.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/1993_Toyota_Celica_ST185_All_Trac_Turbo_WRC_Front_ 1.jpg

I am a little partial to the 185 as a 5th Gen owner.

01-26-2009, 01:18 AM
Both are hot cars, and with 4wd it will be a sweet winter ride. Don't hesitate to do it, I get around really well in my FWD celica...I'm assuming a 4wd version would be awesome.