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Fox 21 Alpha
01-02-2009, 12:53 AM
I'm going out this weekend to look at a used tranny off a car, since mine is on my way out. I drive an 83 ST, and this guy has a 82 so hopefully its all good and I can pick it up for about $150.

Anyways I was thinking of upgrading the clutch and/or flywheel while the tranny is off, since I noticed my clutch will slip under extremely heavy load with just stock hp from the 22R.

Not looking for a full out racing clutch or anything, but a nice hybrid like a street kit or something perhaps. I want more hold, but I drive it alot on daily roads and looking to maintain drive ability. Lot of hills in my area, steep ass ones too. So I'm willing to make some sacrament, but can't go crazy.

As perhaps looking at maybe a lighter flywheel to help the acceleration? I do any heavy racing with the car, just some small stuff here and there. Still all stock....

Anyways anyone know any good sites/clutches/flywheels besides LC Engineering (They any good anyways? I keep hearing both...)

Looking to spend under $300 for the clutch, preferably around $150-$200 at most really, money if def an issue, but if its really worth it. I'm buying an all trac in the summer and need to save up money for that... same for the fly wheel. Thanks guys

01-02-2009, 01:05 AM
its probably slipping because its warn out. my advice to you is to get your flywheel resurfaced and go down to autozone and pick up another stock clutch. dont throw anymore money down on this car then you have to because its not worth that much to begin with. just keep your head up and keep on savin for that alltrac. if your into 4th gen alltracs you can pick those up REALLY cheap.

01-02-2009, 01:16 AM
Way to go on being clueless Ricky.

First, he has a 3rd Gen.

Second, it isn't worthless.

Ricky does make a few good points though.

Get your flywheel surfaced. NAPA will have a decent stock replacement that would be fine. If you are still stock, there isn't a real purpose to upgrading to a stiffer clutch. They are out there though, I am even sure that they will supply them at NAPA, something under the lines of an 'Extreme Duty' line.

What leads you to thinking your tranny is on the way out? Have you changed the gear oil in it? Is it grinding a lot? Doing a lot of whining?

The whole shebang, to do the job right, won't run over $300. And that is probably padding it a bit.

I am not sure of the set-up on the 22R, but I would assume replacing everything you can access while in there wouldn't hurt.

Rear Main seal, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, resurfaced flywheel, new clutch disk, pressure plate and some new gear oil. I know last time I did all of this, it ran me about $250 in a Fox Chassis Mustang.

Fox 21 Alpha
01-02-2009, 01:22 AM
Yeah there's another thread you can read about it I posted awhile back but its made noises for awhile, some sort of bearing that's out, tried replacing the gear oil, and now its hard to get into 3rd and 1st and its my DD so I can't rip it apart and hope to fix and have it back together in a day or two. It is a RWD so it shouldn't be too bad, but do wanna touch things up while I'm down there. So looks like a stock clutch and resurfaced fly wheel will be the way to go? Anyone know if that stock clutch will come as a kit or do I need to starting searching for the throw out bearing and the other odds and ends separately?

And 4th gen All Tracs are nice, but I think this 5th gen in stole my heart lol. Pics under my garage if your interested.

01-02-2009, 01:30 AM
The clutch kit should include the clutch disk, the pressure plate and the throw out bearing. I say should, check the box to be sure.

You will have to buy the pilot bearing separate (<$5) and the rear main seal.

The rear main seal will go on the rear of the engine, and keep the oil from leaking.This is a common issue on all engines I have ever encountered. It is just insurance. While you are down there it makes sense to do it.

The pilot bearing installs in the rear of crank, the transmission input shaft will ride in this. It is another one of those things that it just makes sense to replace while you are down there.

01-02-2009, 01:34 AM
there is a 4x4 clutch you can use, shonuff posted it on the gts boards

the factory 4x4 truck clutch is an upgrade as well though