View Full Version : Piston oil rings

03-11-2005, 09:47 PM
My compression seems to check out fine... yet atleast 1 of my spark plugs is covered in oil.. which is cyl 1 I'm pretty sure.. either way, my poor 5sfe is drinking oil and I can feel it..

My question is pretty straight forward.. I know in my old '89 corolla I probably coulda pulled the pistons with-out pulling the crankshaft.. not positive.. but could I do this with the 5sfe? Drop the pistons (probably do it one at a time.. one a weekend ;) ) with out pulling the crankshaft?

I don't have the 4,000 saved up to do my 3SGTE swap and everything else... but I'm really startin to feel the bug.. I need to do me some real mechanics work! Plus I'm probably losing a bunch of power + gas mileage with this shit.. not to mention having to add atleast a quart if not two between oil changes
:(.. I'm gonna try goin up to a 10w40 oil now.. but I doubt that'll really make anything better.

Also I'm pretty sure I got leaky injectors because I don't have my cold start injector plugged in.. yet most of the times even in the very cold mornings she'll fire right up.. at first when I unplugged the CSI it would take a while of cranking.. now most of the time it fires right up.. so something is FUBAR there too...