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11-09-2008, 12:37 PM
I canít start my car? Whatís wrong? Please help.

Problem: My car starts initially but it idles very rough and does not stay alive unless peddling the throttle. Even while peddling the throttle to keep it running it idles very rough. Smoke is also generated from the exhaust.

When: This just happen when I was done fitting my new turbo after blowing my old one, also clocked it to run a new route for my intercooler piping, before that everything was working fine, ran beautiful, idled gracefully.

Observations: A LOT of smoke comes from the exhaust, enough smoke to make think there is a bush fire. (White smoke, I think)

One step at a time I tried to figure out what could be causing this smoke. General rule is that if thereís smoke coming from the exhaust; means there is oil leaking into the cylinder cambers somehow. Initially I thought it was the turbo since this engine problem started when I got a new one (due to old one blowing), but after removing the intercooler piping and looking at the throttle everything was spotless, so I concluded that the turbo is fine and no seals were leaking oil.

After writing the above paragraph I researched about smoking engines. What is being stated is there are 3 colours of smoke that can come out of the exhaust; white, blue, and black corresponding to coolant leak, oil leak, and excessive fuel. My smoke is white. So does that mean I have coolant leak into my cylinders? Only way that could happen is from a damaged head gasket.

Extra info: I just recently fitted a new Multi layered steel RACE head gasket, using ARP head studs torque to the recommended specification advised my ARP.

Another way I checked if my head gasket was out was to do a compression test, Turned out fine. Results varied: 155-160psi.

Another notion that popped in my head was that the ARP head nuts were lose, I ruled that out buy opening the rocker cover and trying to tighten the head ARP nut/studs with a 3/8 ratchet. No budge, they were tight.

Ignition timing should not be a problem, since I tuned the timing not long ago and did nothing after that could change it. I canít check the timing as of now because the car has not got a steady idle, which is the problem I am trying to fix now.

Observation: Another observation is that after trying to start the car and failing, I removed the spark plugs for inspection and every time they SEEM to be wet of oil and have a lot of carbon built on it. I can clean and dry the plugs, but once they are put back in and started. The same results always show out after, wet with what seems to be oil and carbon build up.

Vacuum leak is ruled out, engine bay was thoroughly inspected to see and hear if there was and vac leaks.

Fuel pressure is a lot perfect. Iíve got an aftermarket Fuel Pressure Regulator installed on a modified bored duel feed rail. My fuel pressure is set to a normal 38psi which ran fine when my car was running.

Also tried reset the ECU by disconnecting the negative thermal for 30mins. No change

What really mind bogles me is that this problem started on my initial test after I had changed my turbo, nothing else was done, just the turbo, clocking and the piping. Below are before and after of when the problem occurred



Other things I could and will be looking into are:
ē The whole ignition timing- all the cords, distributor, and change plugs
ē Battery voltage supply

I very much doubt ignition or volt supply could cause smoke from the exhaust of that magnitude. Let me give you a picture in your head; if I rough idled my car for 30 second or so I could thinly fill up and stink out a mechanic work garage.

If any body has had this problem and can give in some input to what could be wrong in my situation, a lot of appreciation to the.

11-09-2008, 02:20 PM
Well white smoke typically means coolant being burned, how's your coolant levels/oil levels? Check those out and see if they're low or mis-colored.

Oh.. and this should prolly be in troubleshooting/repair section :)