View Full Version : 22r Weber carb upgrade(as well for any other r series engine)

09-30-2008, 05:58 PM
yes thats right some of us still use carbs and this was done to an 87 truck but some celicas have 20r and 22r engines

instructions, weber sends u shitty ones to start with

1unhook battery
2take off air cleaner assembly
3disconnect gas line that runs from the fuel pump to carb
4unhook all vac lines except brake booster vac hose
5disconect wiring harness that goes to carb
6disconnect throttle cable
7unbolt factory throttle cable bracket
8unhook pcv (now is a good time to replace it)
9take off the 4 12mm nuts on the base of the stock carb
10scrape all old gasket material and residue from manifold area wher carb 11goes on (i stuffed a rag in the hole and used a soft brissle wire whell)

fun part

1you can cap off all vac lines except brake booster and egr if your running one, and the vacume advance leave it uncaped for now unless you are going to run static advance
2bolt on aftermarket throttle cable holder onto the stock rear acorn nuts on the vavle cover.
3install throttle cable
4(do this if your going to resuse the factory plastic spacer)
5install new oem carb base gasket (does not come in kit)
6optional (reuse factory plastic spacer)
7stick new gasket on top of plastic spacer or manifold base(rectangular shaped gasket)
8plop adapter on
9tighten down the 4 12mm nuts for the base
10put 2nd carb gasket on top of adapter
11plop carb on and slide 1 lock washer on per stud
tighten down 4 nuts(my kit came with 13mm nuts, go get 12mm nuts , you will thank me later
12cut end off of throttle cable, and slide it onto the carb linkage on the weber(adjust as nessasary)
13attach pcv to carb or port on the ntake manifold(look for a large nipple)as for the breather i just used a filter.
14hook up wire to the spade sticking out of the choke body and run it to a 12v source(i hooked it into the power wire for the oem choke)
14hook up vac advance line (the port sticking out of the carb is the vac advance port, run a hose from that to the dizzy)
15hook fuel line up, the carb is supposed to have at least 3.5psi fuel pressure, stuck pump on my truck is doing fine, i beleave its around 4lbs but you can get a regulator from autozone just be sure its for a carb
16 if u used a breather for the crank case ,block off the port for it on the air cleaner base, see pic 1
17attach air cleaner
18check around for stuff laying about, start engine

only issue i had was the throttle on mine was sticking so i hooked a tight spring up to the metal vacume assembly and all is good now

end results, weber 34/34



Mr. Babb
09-30-2008, 08:01 PM
joe is that the 34/36, here's what mine looks like


oh yeah and I forgot to mention that I tucked all the wiring and I have an electric fan.

09-30-2008, 08:17 PM
trust me its a 34/34

it even stamped on the carb 34

look up a weber 34

91gtconvt measured the barrels when i 1st got it, same size

The Captain
09-30-2008, 11:29 PM

Mr. Babb
10-01-2008, 02:02 AM
added pic above and mine is a 32/36

10-05-2008, 09:22 AM
im sure most people on the site dont even know carbs exist on toyotas