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09-02-2008, 05:45 PM
these are from a while ago... the donington park is ancient but never the less might be interesting for some. :)

As you would imagine, there were highs, there were lows but the overall trip was amazing and I will be doing again.

The trip started off with waking up at 11pm at night and then meeting up with most of the team at 2.30am on the 9th.

At 3am we set on our way to dover to catch the ferry, all went fantastic with not one hiccup on any of the cars.( this being a success in itself due to my self and 3 others building a skyline from pretty much scratch in 2 -3 weeks)

The convoy down was great, the empty roads making for a easy journey and when the sun rose to a fantastic sun sky and we looked forward to a great few hours driving in the sun and on actuator settings and a gental trottle I was amazed to see I had done 230miles in only half a tank!!! I never knew a gt4 could do that in ¾ tank! Lol

We reached dover at approx 6.45am and straight into booking in……… this however is where the first of many problems went wrong.
Whilst waiting for passports to be checked the skyline decided that it wanted to randomly overheat… a problem which had not been there in the last 3 weeks, much to the amusement of many ferry passengers we got the skyline onto the ferry in the pouring rain which had begun when we hit port.

We arrived in Dunkirk to rain and basically… crap weather, great.
Thankfully we had radios as the skyline was clear… it wasn’t going to make it to germany without a few stops to refill coolant as it just wouldn’t stop overheating and coming out the expansion tank. L

Matt in the omega with trailer and a mk1 fiesta with a rsturbo engine transplant set off 3 hours previous due to no room on our ferry… we had travelled for a few hours then another disaster struck.

Mat rand one of the lads and the omega was not in good shape, they had broke down in germany,the water pump bearing had basically gone tits up, the belt had shredded and the car was not moving.

The convoy motored on, we reached the campsite and no matt in the omega and no skyline as it overheated big style on the way and steve stayed back to provide support.

An hour later the skyline appeared but no omega was about, another phone call later and the omega was back in action with a make shift belt and it made it all the way to within 7 miles of camp on a homemade belt!
The omega had had it though, so the omega and trailer where abandoned and the fiesta finished the drive to camp in the rain and dark at 10pm.

A new day dawned and a new belt was ordered from Vauxhall the next day and amazingly, the sun was shining.

We all put in a few laps and the track was all I hoped for, the most challenging and amazing place that I have ever driven, addictive isn’t the word for the ring.
The cars there, well there is a lot! You name it, its there, a merc slr tonnes of Porsche lambos and the alike.

After dinner the belt was picked up, but only the bearing was there! No belt! arghhh!

So this time we decided to tow the omega and trailer back to camp, phill in the gt4 provided the towing and pulled what was a rather large omega and trailer all the way back to camp.

Rain stopped and fast laps the next day and I went in the rain, lethal is what that place is in the rain, sideways, and all kinds of directions are achieved! Lol
The next few days where good, we fixed the omega, the skyline appeared to be runing well and many laps where put in.

Another minor hitch occurred when my brother over cooked it and went backwards toward a kerb at 40mph, amazingly we hit the curb, bounced back and ended up straight! The damage to my amazement was minimal, just a slight kerbing of the alloy, jammy git!

Later on in the week we decided to run the skyline, this however proved to be a big mistake, at bang on the 13km marker the skyline decided to give up the ghost, proving to be a costly bill being picked up.
The gt4 motored on though and never missed a beat.

On Monday morning I had my last lap, what was meant to be a slow lap ended up being my fastest by an era, smashing past 3 skylines, 2 r34 gtr’s and a 33gtr along with multiple 911’s , bmw m3's and bmw m5, even out dragging sabine in the ring taxi m5!.

Nothing can prepare you for how much you learn about your car on the ring due to the various kinds of bends and hills, I will be needing a wrc wing for next year as the car topped 145 over the brow of a hill on my last lap and the rear wheels basically left the floor, scary it was!

The trip home was meant to be on Wednesday, however jo and I left early to make sure that the skyline had cold air over night and left at 10pm on tues. the car made it to port with barly and problems…. Sods law! However my car suffered a slight mishap on the autobahn when my front section of under tray wanted to detach itself from the car at 171mph according to the road angel! Oops, so that, was in the back of the boot for now!

We caught the ferry and again made it home with not too many problems on the skyline, however others wernt so lucky.
The civic type r that came with us had its gearbox decide to give up and has been trailord home to the uk, and one of the gt4’s has now got a very very bad transmission whine.

But all in all, a great trip! And after 14 laps on my gt4 and 22 laps from phills gt4 they never missed a beat and proved Toyotas reliability to the max.

Some pics from the trip, there shall be many more but there are over 1000pics taken so for now, here are a few!

phill on track

my brother




and george

dogs driving cars?? lol


mk1 fezza with rs turbo conversion... curtesy of our guys! lol

one evo + flames + wood = fire


chris and mroe flames


zakspeed viper

at the docks

my brother


offroad fun!

me chasing down a bike... he wouldnt move, i was not happy!

dead skyline

trying to fix dead skyline, ended up being head gasket failure so it was to no avail

gt4's rule!

us providing evening entertainment. lol

we are pirates!

09-02-2008, 05:47 PM
awesome pics!

09-02-2008, 05:53 PM
Hell of a first post! :) Welcome aboard, love the GT4.

09-02-2008, 05:57 PM
well we went to donington on friday afternoon, blistering sunshine with barely any wind meant i didnt want to run much more than 1 bar boost even with the fmic, i only set it to 1.04max boost, still ran very well with tyres sticking but my brakes as i already knew would suffer(i went with the intention of fitting my new discs and pads after killing the old ones at donington... i succeeeded. :lol: )

we arived there and saw some immense cars had lined up in the garages, carrera 4 turbo, lambo guardo (or howver it spelt) a mental rover SD1 , pug 205 with 206GTi 180 on tb's and all sorts of different motors, you name it and 99% was there!

the day started well, some good laps round and all of our cars were holding out well, the old supra motored round chasing down the 911 carrera 4 s or whatever it is called and no matter what the porshce did, in the end couldnt get away from the old boat!

phil and chris in the gt4 and evo4 hooned around as ever, and i potterd round getting faster with the more laps i did.

with a passenger in steve whos been around the nurburg 4 years running i did 2 very quick laps in which i pulled back on a sierra cossy and chris evo although they were far too far ahead to notice much for the crowds....

at 7.30 the lambo dissapeard of the track after multiple complaints of noise from the marshalls, and after a blistering blast down the pit straight with alex in the supra and me in the gt4 flat on the loud pedals at 120 on the pit straight the next lap whilst in the pit the dreaded marshal came over to complain of the last few laps being well over the 100db mark for alex's old beast, thankfully, the blitz baffle lowered noise enought for the marshalls to be happy, the fun continued all the way to 8:30 in which we were all gutted to leave, once again, donington proving to be a thrilling circuit, my brother 2nd year running turning up in his GTFour WRC to say.... "i wish i was out there"..... and so he would, again, a great night and cracking weather to boot with no hiccups bar phill grass tracking due to a muppet in a cateram nearly hitting him! :twisted:

but a great day! heres some pics, more as they come!

and the garage was open, the cars see the light..

phill coming down the pit straight after chasing down and passing the cayman s

the team in the garage..... yes, my car was close to popping a boost hose off, i expected this might happen so came prepared... some time later and she was back in action..

after 7laps phils car was rather hot... some cool down time required i think!

the teams old supra 2.5TTR special edition beasting down the straight

phil going down to the twisties

chris giving it the beans on the first bend off the pit straight!

me coming in to land after i cooked the brakes on the 4th lap... coming down that dunlop straight at 130 and having brake fade.... ver scary! lol

on one of my fast laps, i thoroughly enjoyed this .....

chris and phil, just how it should be.. the GT4 showing the evo the right way around the track.. :D

the big old boat getting ready to roll out onto the track

phill gunning down the straight with a rather small airplaned flying right over!

some randon ones of cars on the day too


09-02-2008, 05:59 PM
cheers for the nice reply guys!

il post up a newbie post in a sec, just wanted to put up some pics. :)

09-02-2008, 06:09 PM
2 quick vids of when we hired alconbury runway...

me Vs supra
http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a291/D4le/th_CopyofmeVSsupra-0.jpg (http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a291/D4le/?action=view&current=CopyofmeVSsupra-0.flv)

me Vs my mates skyline.... yes that is clutch smoke, but i still beat him by 3 car lengths. haha
http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a291/D4le/th_mVSjo-0.jpg (http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a291/D4le/?action=view&current=mVSjo-0.flv)

now suprise, i have a new clutch.lmao, this however was ages ago, when i first got the car 3 years ago, only had the blitz nur spec exhaust on then, quite a bit more done since then. :)

09-02-2008, 07:11 PM
Nice, Welcome to C-Tech!! Love the pics!

09-02-2008, 08:12 PM
sweet pics man! I wanna run the on those tracks sooo bad!

09-02-2008, 08:20 PM
Nice pics. Welcome to the site!

09-02-2008, 08:25 PM
badass pics...i have always wanted to try that track....

09-02-2008, 09:08 PM
donington park is a great circuit ( the 2nd set of pics) and i love it the times ive driven it.

but the nurburgring...... words cant describe it, it realy is something else, and nothing can describe the exhillaration that you feel when driving round it.

even the roads around the nurburg are nothing short of spectacular, all perfect quality and all great for pictures and fun drives. for the real car enthusiast, there is no place like it.. at all.

if you can ever go, i seriously advise that you try go, although respect for the track is needed, or it can and does bite people in the ass. lol

09-02-2008, 09:16 PM
Awesome report and pics... cant wait to go to nurburgring.

09-02-2008, 09:27 PM
Thanks for sharing! Awesome!!!

I would love to read more about your suspension settings for this.

09-03-2008, 05:48 AM
YEah, boiiii! Those were great pics, man.

09-03-2008, 02:07 PM
thanks guys, mucho appreciated!

here is a vid from one of our members phil, various cars, he didnt get me going around though only bit of me is the first car to fly by him in the tunnel... that is me. lol

09-04-2008, 02:12 AM
Fun video and nice car. I'd love to make it to nurburgring someday, It's such a cool and beautiful place. You are a lucky guy!