View Full Version : Duel Feed Fuel Rail Mod. PICS

09-02-2008, 12:07 PM
Been working on my fuel rail trying to setup the best system as i can. My complete summery of the mods are
1. stock fuel rail bore to 8mm
2. Aftermarket Fuel pressure regulator, and
3. Duel Feed system

So far I've gone up to this point, not sure weather the design of my fittings and hosing is engineered correctly to work. If you look at the pick below,
A:To Cold start injector
B:To fuel pressure Regulator
C:From fuel pump (intake of fuel)
So yeah, do you see any problems with that design above? i'm thinking cause the FPR outlet is situated before the injectors
along the hosing, that it may not work properly. i've produced below other designs that may be of consideration IF the above design is not good or will not work.
will these design work better then the first one? Help me out by giving your opinions