View Full Version : A brain teaser........

08-30-2008, 01:19 AM
So this is the problem that simply won't go away.......

Car randomly stalls out when at idle. It's perfect 95% of the time but now and again it bucks on acceleration or stalls at idle. Once it stalls it can be a little tough to get restarted.

About 4 months ago it had a rebuilt engine and transmission put in but i should put out i had the same or a similar probloem before the rebuild.

It has been in and out of several mecahnics for months now. We have checked for Vacuum leaks....none found. The IACV has been replaced. The EGR valve has been replaced and then throttle body and hoses completly cleaned out of all the residue carbon that built up over the years.

It has new plugs and plug wires.
All theelectric connections and grounds have been checked, cleaned, replaced or tightened.
Yesterday we found the main relay and the Electronic Fuel Injection relay was pretty burnt out and offering high resistance when warmed up, so that was replaced. Ran perfectly for 24hrs and now it is stalling randomly and havingt occasional trouble starting again. Idle has started to fluctuate on occasion once more.

Distributor coil was cracked and that got replaced. Still same problem.

It has had more high tech diagnostic tests than a formula one car. No one can find the problem. $4K in and I am feeling like a chump. People told me to buy a new car but i was insistent on rebuilding this one. Now I can't get it to run right.

Mechanic is coming back today and says he wants to replace the igniter. He also says the computer has a small problem but in his opinion and the opinion of the dealership neither of these things should be causing the problem I am having.

I have nothing else to say apart from.....HELP!