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08-09-2008, 10:49 AM
ok i need some info to do a coil over plug set up...

this is as much as i know, people use ford EDIS set up. it has crank trigger and u can run a wrx, srt4, coil pack and run plug wires

also i have heard using yamaha R6 coil over plug set up

i was thinking if the coil over plug off the v6 camry engine will work?

well any help or idea would be help full

09-01-2008, 09:34 PM
try specifiying what info you need. what engine management do you plan on running? the stock ECU can be made to drive such a setup, but you need to do a bit of reading on logic circuits to make it happen.

-the R6 coils are NOT inductive coils. they cannot be driven by a standard igniter, they MUST be driven by a CD ignition (MSD, AEM, M&W, Autronic- the latter two are the best) or they will be destroyed rather quickly. different bike coils have different resistances as well, and the R6 coils may need a ballast resistor to prevent frying the CDI module. CBR coils don't seem to have this issue.

- the camry coils are a standard "dumb" coil. a seperate igniter or power transistor is necessary to drive them, and to provide proper dwell to them so that they charge fully. toyota's igniters almost all control dwell internally. the camry has 2 different waste spark COP systems- one is 6 seperate channels and shares its igniter with the IS300 and others, the other is a 3 channel igniter with each channel driving two coils. alternately, you could use a bosch module and trigger that via your EMS. if you don't use a smart module (internally controlled dwell) you'll need to be able to adjust dwell manually in your EMS.

- you could also use smart coils. rickyb used to have a setup using the 2zz coils from a celica, but they stick out of the valvecover a bit. the scion tC coils for the 2AZ engine look like they would be a better fit, as do the 2AZ engined camry coils. these coils have an igniter built into them. all they need is a 5v signal that goes high to 'arm' the coil and low to fire it. the issue with these is that they're comparatively low energy and tend to crap the bed at power levels a little above 300whp. they can overheat more easily too, since the inductor is inside the plug well with no airflow whatsoever.

running waste spark coils with plug wires is the way to go if you want performance. GM's ignition coils are some of the hottest you can find- they're the same coils buick used in their 900hp methanol-burning turbo indycar engines back in the day, and they're on almost every 4 and 6 cylinder engine GM made from 1990+. the stock plug gap on the 2.2L is ~0.062! that's a lot of spark energy.

DSM coils are also a good choice. they charge pretty quickly, fit the stock early 3SGTE plug wire ends and are also cheap and easy to find. the mkiii supra coils are like this too.

i've done a lot of research on this, and i've chosen to use DSM coils with a seperate honda igniter for each coil pair. since i'm using a honda ECU with only one ignition channel (like the stock ECU), i designed a circuit to split it into 2 channels. all that's left is to finish drawing the pc board and etch it and wire it up.