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07-31-2008, 07:25 AM
first off before you read anything, read this. DO NOT BUY SPEC CLUTCHS!!! THEY ARE SHIT!!!

for those of you that aren't on alltrac.net, or haven't seen my thread over there, heres some info on my project. some of this is copied from my thread over there.

right now, the main focus is just getting it running, and to work on handling as opposed to making lots of power.

some specs on it as of last summer when i blew the spec clutch

1990 alltrac - pearl white (lexus paint code)
mario koing solid aluminum rear differential mount
15" stock wheels with khumo allseasons, and at the time i had a set of 16x7.5" SSR comps that didn't have any tires (i had actually bought them right after i bought my car in febuary of 06, just never got around to getting the tires for them)
whiteline adj. rear sway bar
custom 3-point rear strut bar
battery relocation with an optima red-top
straight intake with an apexi MR2 intake kit
HKS 2.5" cat-back and an aussie 3" mid-pipe, and had a berk-tech downpipe on order
ST205 transmission with approximatly 22k miles on it. had it open, inspected, and resealed. the transmission shop said that most of the components didn't have any signs of wear and some looked like new (this shop had rebuilt 3 ST185 transmissions prior to inspecting mine)
spec lightweight flywheel with a spec stage 2 clutch (which blew after 4 months of moderate use, no racing or launching though)
modified BayAreaAT front mount intercooler kit
speed source engine bushings and crossmember bushings
techna fit SS brake lines and clutch line

there might have been more, but thats what i remember. just weeks prior to the clutch blowing up, i had listed it for sale due to an unexpected circumstance (my girlfriend at the time became pregnant). when it blew, i really didn't have the money to spend having a shop redo everything, so i decided "it can't be that bad, i'll just do it" :laugh:

due to me and my ex breaking up last august, i decided that im really not going to be able to get a car that will interest me enough to keep it for more than a few months if i sell this one, and really most of the stuff on the car that had needed to be replaced, fixed, or upgraded had been, so i decided to keep the car (after selling off most of my hard to get parts :wtf: )
things are now better between me and my ex, and i get to see my daughter every weekend. i have a steady income from plasma donations and when extra money comes in from temp and odd jobs, i can buy goodies for the car, and now the motorcycle too.

oh, in febuary of 08, the car was featured in superstreet under reader's rides. sure, superstreet is kinda a ricer magizine, and there are more ads than articals, but still.

07-31-2008, 07:26 AM
febuary 4th, 08

So, at this point, Iím going to be keeping the Celica. Right now the plan is to get it driving again. Itís finally running after having some problems after the rebuild:
- A bad optima redtop
- blown starter
- Surprisingly a bad AFM (considering it was working perfectly fine before the clutch took a dump on me)

As most of you know, back in July, my spec clutch disk threw a spring, making the car immobile. I decided to fix her myself. Really, considering the circumstances at the time, I should have had a shop do it. I also decided that when the engine came out, I would overhaul anything that needed to be replaced. everything was done with hand tools, by myself with the advise of local friends like Shaun and the Josh's (Westra and McClain). at the end of last summer, i moved to fort collins, an hour north of denver, while the car stayed. this made it so i could only work on it over the weekends in between school, work, and such. i also didn't have a second car till i bought a turbo legacy last october, so i took the bus mostly or rode with friends that were driving to denver anyways. last November, once the car was in one piece, I had it towed up to fort Collins since the only reason it wasn't running was obviously something electrical (turned out to be the afm). A few weeks back, it finally got started, due to a small problem with the afm extension which is fine now, and now I'm just wrapping it up.

Things that have been replaced since the motor was pulled:
- New oem Toyota clutch disk (w/ upgraded spec pressure plate)
- New oem Toyota throw out bearing (old one only had 3k on it, but better safe than sorry)
- New oem Toyota power steering pump (the old unit was a little leaky)
- New oem Toyota power steering and A/C delete alternator belts
- Brand new oem Toyota timing belt (since it's easier to do with the engine out)
- New hoses from hell (oil cooler and the one on the back of the block) - PITA
- New valve cover gaskets
- New vacuum lines on the back of the manifold (the stuff on the front was already replaced)
- New berk-tech 3" downpipe - (pre-buy, took 4 months to get)
- New starter
- oem AFM from a crashed 91 MR2 that tested within spec
- New oil cooler base since the old one had a few stripped threads
- Resealed the oil pan - Toyota FIPG
- Brand new OEM O2 sensor
- heli-coiled some of the exhaust studs since they were stripped and a new exhaust manifold gasket since I found the old one was leaking on cylinder 1
- Replaced the front axle CV boots with a Toyota kit (old ones were cracking) - PITA, but kinda fun
- Ace engineering 4-point lower brace (not installed, but will be installed once the car is completely streetable)
- New fuel filter, exhaust gaskets, random stuff like that
- replaced the turboxs bleed-type boost controller with an anodized black Forge Unos ball & spring type
- replaced the mechanical autometer boost gauge with a greddy V.1 (green backlight) black face boost gauge
- replaced the old modified shifter with a TWM true short shifter
- mounted the optima in the trunk with a cnc machined aluminum hold down that holds the battery from the base (looks really clean)
- Stock intercooler with a black silicone t-hose leading to a recirculated HKS SSQV
- Polished oil catch can
- JDM rain guards (just for kicks cause they were pretty cheap)
- 3rd gen exhaust manifold heatsheild (modified to clear the oil filter and to bolt to the 2nd gen manifold, will be ceramic coated)
Probably a few more little things Iíve forgotten were bought or replaced

There will be more things that will be done, but right now Iím dealing with a coolant issue. I drove it for the first time last Wednesday, where it barely ran because it hit boost cut (around 14psi up here) at 3k in 2nd. when I got it home, I noticed there was some steam coming from the engine bay, and when I popped the hood, there was coolant flowing from somewhere near the thermostat housing (thereís a lot of hoses in that area) I found out that the boost controller was set wrong, which along with the open downpipe :bigthumbu , was probably why it hit fuel cut so fast. I reset the boost controller, so that shouldn't be a problem anymore when I re-install the exhaust. its currently 20 degrees, snowing with 3-4 inches on the ground, and my garage isn't that warm (stays around 50-60 with the heater that i have) so when this little cold spell is over, i'll get to work on her.

Right now, the plans for the car are:
#1 whats leaking coolant under the alternator
#2 go over the entire BGB engine installation, check torque specs, double check everything
#3 - get new wheels bearings (f&r), install wheels & lower brace, and get steering and suspension aligned, get ignition timing done
#4 - break in clutch, road test the car
#5 - flush all fluids one more time (radiator, oil, tranny, rear diff, hydraulics, etc.) after about 100 miles, probably swap out the spark plugs too
After that, work on the cars handling, get a custom midpipe made, and a few other smaller things

Right now, I need:
a new rear passenger tail light because it got broken somehow.
the 4 bolts that connect that small under brace on the rear sub frame, since i misplaced those.

I also want to either recover or replace the steering wheel (I would love a Momo Gotham with an NRG short hub, but I can recover it for $50 at wheelskins.com and keep the air bag just in case)
Iím also going to upgrade the headlights to cibie h4 housings and Philips x-treme power bulbs.

Then we will go from there.... :)

I really don't have any pictures of the car lately, other than a few pictures of it getting towed, but I did get into readers rides in superstreet, even though the car hasn't been running since I submitted it

The car looks like crap because I haven't washed it in forever and it had oily finger prints everywhere. When everything is running smooth, Iíll take some time and buff/clay bar/wax her and hopefully she will look as good as she use to, especially with the new shoe's that she's getting

superstreet article:

07-31-2008, 07:31 AM
February 11th, 2008

i finally found a passenger tail light (one was listed on ebay for pretty cheap this morning, just got it)

also, this week i got:
JDM rain visors
passenger headlight trim piece (thanks brian :) )
Oil catch can (its been sitting in denver for the last month)
JDM intake manifold (haven't really decided what im going to do with it, probably just polish it up :shrug: )

still looking for those small subframe bolts. i'll probably end up going to a hardware store, but the ones aroung here never seem to have the right kind of metric bolts. they always have the corse 1.5 metric threads instead of the fine 1.25 ones, which won't work obviously

next sunday, i should have the whole day free to figure out the coolant issue, bolt up the exhaust, and possibly take it for another drive. the last two weeks have sucked for free time since i have two tests this week and a new set of schoolwork everyday

also, the wheels may have to hold off for a week or two. i might be switching jobs again and going back to work for wells fargo, which is a good thing. my current job and my school schedual isn't really working out

07-31-2008, 07:33 AM
march 24th, 2008

Finally, after almost no time to work on it during spring break due to being out of town and sick while i was in town, i had tonight "mostly" free. i got the exhaust bolted back up last Tuesday (which was the only real work done thanks to getting stranded across town for 3 hours), finally got interstate to replace my optima, got the few last things needed (some vacuum lines, etc) and took it for a short drive. I found the clutch was needing adjusting (it didn't disengage till the floor) and there were some suspension noises. it also hit boost cut.

well, tonight i finished up wiring in my greddy boost gauge (took a few hours to figure out a lighting issue, after a talk with the guys over at greddy, i figured it out), adjusted the clutch, checked the RSB (everything was fine), and took it for a drive. i think the noise is my struts and my wheel bearings, so those are next to be done, along with an alignment afterwards.

as of now, everything works fine, but i defiantly have a boost leak somewhere, cause i can hear it under full boost. the car is also building boost slowly, and then will boost up to almost 1 bar very quickly after 3k RPM. I have a forge UNOS MBC now, and its on the lowest setting on the softest spring, so it should only be boosting to wastegate pressure :shrug:
Im thinking about doing the "easter egg" resistor mod, mostly to up the fuel cut to an appropriate level.

oh, after everything i couldn't get the gauge to dim correctly. if i hooked it up to one wire off the ash tray, it would stay on at full brightness while everything else dimmed, and if i attached it to the other wire, it would be opposite (dash dimmed, gauge illuminated). if the dash was fully lit, the gauge wouldn't light at all.
anyways, im going to try to make this little circut, and hopefully it solves the issue. im finally getting decent at wiring.
from this thread:
Finally, something useful for my celica that was made for a subaru :p

Oh, i purchased those wheels, so i just need to wait for delivery :D

crap, now its wanting to idle high. it was idling fine around 900, and now its 1200 or 1300 at operational temps. i wonder if it has to do with the extra heat (new downpipe, no heat sheild, stock TMIC). i have a heatsheild, but it needs to be sandblasted first.

oh, original list:

Right now, the plans for the car are:
#1 whats leaking coolant under the alternator :doh:
#2 go over the entire BGB engine installation, check torque specs, double check everything
#3 - get new wheels bearings (f&r), install wheels & lower brace, and get steering and suspension aligned, get ignition timing done
#4 - break in clutch, road test the car
#5 - flush all fluids one more time (radiator, oil, tranny, rear diff, hydraulics, etc.) after about 100 miles, probably swap out the spark plugs too
After that, work on the cars handling, get a custom midpipe made, and a few other smaller things

1 - done :)
2 - almost done
3 - next. i think im going to add GR-2's to that part and convert the rear struts
4 - in progress (i want to but 500 easy in-town miles on the clutch before i get on it too much)
5 - i already have everything to do this, i might do it this weekend, since its probably a good idea. i need to do the powersteering fluid too

07-31-2008, 07:36 AM
April 4th, 2008

so, the boost gauge has been wired up so that it dims correctly :)

Also, ive sold the corolla, so i finally free'd up some money for the celica.

new 205/60/15 tire for the spare (same rolling surface as the 245/45/16's on my new wheels)
new wheels bearing (ordered)
New front GR2's (ordering monday)

i've mostly made a leak tester. i still need to get a used tire stem, but josh said he has one. i also still need to still check my ignition timing and finish up the BGB torque checks.

im also up in the air about converting my rear struts and getting new GR2 inserts. when i get my wheel bearings done, im going to get an alignment, but im going to do the front inserts before the alignment. im thinking i should just do the rears while im at it, but im not sure. i figured id install the front brace just before the alignment too.

07-31-2008, 07:38 AM
April 12th, 2008

An update on everything :)

the bad:
Sprung a small coolant leak from the upper radiator hose
Speedometer stopped working randomly :shrug:
Still has some boost vacuum leaks
Still needs new wheel bearings (hopefully soon)

The good:
I got a new upper radiator hose (fixed the leak)
Installed the JDM rain guards (they look awesome)
Reinstalled the TWM shifter (their "hardware kit" sucked, so I made my own)
Ordered some Phillips H4 (http://www.motorbulbs.com/product_info.php/cPath/3/products_id/107) bulbs
Ordered a wheelskins leather steering wheel cover (http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/TOYOTA-GENUINE-WHEELSKINS-LEATHER-STEERING-WHEEL-COVER_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1638Q2em118Q2el12 47QQcategoryZ33704QQihZ019QQitemZ290220491473QQrdZ 1QQsspagenameZWD1V) (charcoal, the color is almost a perfect match)
Readjusted a few things to fix a few of the major vacuum leaks, got new steel worm clams to replace most of the plastic zip ties to try to eliminate as many possible sources.
Built a leak finder that will work off a bike pump (cost me less than $5 :) )

The car is running and driving MUCH better after I adjusted everything. Hopefully the leak finder I built will actually help me find any more leaks, since the system is still leaking under high boost. Itís not nearly as bad, and actually pulls pretty decent. I can't wait to feel it pull once everything is sealed up.

I'm still up in the air about doing the rear struts though, and I still haven't ordered the front GR2's.
Iím also up in the air about which H4 housings to get for my new bulbs. Iíve heard good things about autopal h4 housings (the regular looking ones) and I can get those for just under $40 shipped. However I was thinking that getting some of the nicer Hella, cubie, or Raybrigs would be better, but they are 3x-4x the cost. Either way, I need to get some h4 housings.

I got the wheel cover because Iím really starting to want a nicer interior, and the rim of my steering wheel looks horrible. Iím trying to figure out ways to make it look nicer. I think the first order is to get it cleaned up, try to replace the front tweeter covers, and get new mirror and lumbar controllers (very badly faded, the mirror one doesn't work anymore for some reason). I kind of want new seat covers, but the seats aren't in that bad of shape, but they do have some bolster wear and some small rips and cracks. They're actually James's old seats, and are in much better condition than my original seats.

well, after doing the steel clamps, she's running even better. the vacuum reading on my gauge also increased slightly, so she's pulling a little over 400 mm Hg at idle (around 16 in Hg), which is good for this altitude and 160k. however i still think she's leaking. im going to leak test her tomorrow.

oh, i have two codes i found, 12 and 42. both have to do with the speedo sensor, so im not too worried.

i got her cleaned up alot today. the entire interior is spotless, and the exterior isn't quite finished, but its looking better

07-31-2008, 07:42 AM
April 16th, 2008

Well, tonight i did the best performance fix so far...

i filled her up with a tank of fresh gas
the engine was hesitant, and some times when i boosted it a little, the engine would feel like it was pulling timing. i wasn't sure if it had to do with the boost leaks i had, or what. the gas that was in there wasn't THAT old. the last time it was at a gas station was last july. luckily when it broke down, it had almost an empty tank. when everything started to come together, i filled it up about a 3/4 of the way with fresh 91 and also threw in a bottle of heet or iso-heet, i can't remember which. however, that was 3ish months ago, so its wasn't that good of gas.

its has been getting close to the empty point, and when i was driving it earlier today, it started to get even more hesitant than before. i topped her off (which at $3.50 a gallon was over $50!!!) and also poured in a bottle of fuel system cleaner to hopefully help get any gunk out.

holy crap, the car idles smoother, boosts linearly, and runs so much better. i didn't realize that the gas was causing such a lack of performance.

either way, i'll probably be running either a bottle of fuel system cleaner or heet/iso-heet in my next few tankfulls to clean everything out as much as possible.

07-31-2008, 07:44 AM
April 19th, 2008

Well, i think i hit 3 or 4 birds with one stone today :)

I found out my brake lights were out (all 4, however the spoiler light was still good). all of them had the secondary filament broken, so i replaced those. however the brake light harness on the passenger side was extremely corroded. luckily the new passenger side tail light i had bought awhile back came with a harness too, so i swapped out the harnesses. the drivers side harness didn't have any corrosion whatsoever, so i don't have anything to worry about there.

However, while i was driving over to checker to get those lights, my car started to idle horribly, and almost died. it had already been idling kinda oddly since it started running. anyways, i could hear a horrible vacuum leak when i popped the hood, and it was idling at 400-500, almost dying. but when i revved it up to 1500-2000, it was fine.

while inspecting it, i found that the idle air control valve (the big pipe on the bottom of your throttle body) had completely broken off!!! luckily i have a few spare throttle bodies sitting around, so im going to swap them out when the car cools down. anyone want to bet that that's what was leaking when my car car was under boost :D

so, hopefully when i swap out my throttle body, the vacuum leak will disappear, and the car will idle correctly at 900-1000 rpm, and now my brake lights are functioning too. WOOT!


the pipe that broke off is in my hand. the spare I'm going to install is next to the throttle body.

bolted up everything to my spare JDM throttle body, and it works fine.

however, my idle is still kinda weird (idles at 1500, just like before all this happened, which is pretty high), which ive tried to adjust with the throttle cable, but that doesn't help. its also still leaking under boost :(, although my vacuum readings are higher now on start up (use to be around 300 mm Hg at start up, and then go to 400-450 mm Hg after a few minutes, now it starts up at 400 mm Hg)

i just need to leak test it. i should have enough time to do it tonight or tomorrow

07-31-2008, 07:47 AM
April 20th, 2008

so, on the way home from studying, the car was idling between 1700-1800, which is ridiculous. then it came to mind that maybe the TPS sensor (since it was taken from my stock TB), was adjusted wrong.

sure enough, when i got home, i played with its adjustment, and it idles at 1300, which is still high, but its much better. im going to pop off the new throttle body again tomorrow afternoon and try to work with the small screw that stops the throttle rotor. i think that might be causing it to still idle high

I still think the car is running in safe mode, so im going to work a bit at it later this week. my family is having a big get together this weekend for my dad's and my grandpa's birthday in denver, so i really want the car running 100% by then so i can drive it, or im SOL.

Couple good things happened today.

first, i stopped at a local junkyard to see if they had any celicas, since my mirror switch stopped working. i ended up finding one 91 GTS. however, to my surprise, it had a full system 10 (And the AWFUL Toyota red interior). even more to my suprise was that it had new speakers installed in the doors with an adapter so they could run a 6.5" speaker, and the speakers themselves are pretty nice (old infinity kappas). i got out of there with the speakers with the surround adapter and with the mirror switch for a pretty good deal

anyways, i also got in my new H4 bulbs, my new speedo sensor, and a greddy BCC that i bought off a guy on MR2OC. it comes with the regular harness, so i figure i'll install it and leave it unplugged, and if i ever feel like boosting it more than the stock fuel cut, i can connect it and fuel cut will go away :)

Edit: I'm a little bummed now :( i found out that speedo sensor was broken in two places. one of the broken parts i have thanks to paladek, however i don't have the other, the line that goes from the sensor halfway up the firewall, which is also busted.

fortunately that part is the same on all celica's, and now that i know about that GTS i found today, i can go strip that part off it, but i have to wait till tomorrow. i needed to go back anyways to nab one part i forgot, but i guess i'll be riding my bike.

i finally found the part number (i'm 99% sure its 83710-20880), the local dealership listed it at around $10 after taxes. i had them order it for me just incase the GTS one doesn't work.

07-31-2008, 07:50 AM
April 25th, 2008

speedo sensor is installed again, its actually getting quicker to install it, but its still a pain in the ass.
Old broken one vs. brand new one from toyota
New speedo gear assembled

when i was under my car earlier in the week, i noticed how bad the front swaybar to chassis bushings were. they were absolutely horrible.

anyways, I emailed Josh at 185performance. he said there were two options, the 25mm bushings, which he didn't have any in stock, or 26mm bushings, which he had a bunch of. i figured that i would just get the 26mm bushings and hope they fit. they showed up in the mail yesterday, and i just installed them, and the 26mm ones fit perfectly on my 1990. Josh is a great guy to do business with, and if anyone wants the same bushings, heres the link

Old rubber oem bushings vs. New poly Superpro bushings :D

I already have the whiteline upgraded RSB, new RSB bushings, and racing beat rear endlinks, so i know those are all still in pretty good shape. i'm pretty sure those were original rubber bushings. I'm thinking about a set of new front endlinks, but i want to do the struts before anything else on the suspension.

Edit: My speedometer works again!! :D
Also, as a bonus, all the front suspension knocking is gone now

07-31-2008, 07:53 AM
April 29th, 2008

Kinda a big update

first, since my wheel bearings came in, i gutted all my hubs from the car (after only having the car running and driving for one day after fixing the speedo sensor :doh:)
when i was under there, it looked like all of my trailing arm bushings and other linkage points were all original to the car. again, i called up josh at 185performance. he said he could get everything in and shipped by wednesday, so i decided to just go for it.

Superpro bushings i ordered:
Front control arm bushings (front and rear)
Rear inner control arm bushings (both sets)
Rear trailing arm bushings

I also got some new OEM spherical bushings for the outer rear contol arms (westra ordered these for me today), and some new tie rod ends since i had to almost destroy mine to get them out of the hub (they are pretty old too, so its not a bad thing to replace them). when everything is back on, i'll be putting on my Ace engineering underbrace. hopefully with all this, the suspension change should be pretty dramatic in a good way, and really the only thing left to do suspension wise is to finally figure out what kind of spring/strut combo i want to make up my mind on, but that will wait till at least the end of the summer unless a really good deal pops up.

i almost bought a front whiteline strut brace too, but someone beat me to it. oh well. i really want to get conrad's front strut brace whenever he finally decides to make it since he liked my idea of integrating a brake master cylinder brace into it, which would be awesome.

the car looks really funny up on all 4 jackstands with everything missing. also on a side note, i wired up my stereo so i could play music off my ipod. my entire rear interior is also torn apart currently so i could disconnect the rear abs sensors properly, and its pretty dirty underneath, so im also going to clean all that up just because.

I should also have my new wheels by this weekend too. if the wheel bearing and everything is pressed by friday and my spherical bushings come in by saturday (which i really hope both these happen), i'll ideally have it all back together by sunday, and getting an alignment on monday. ive also talked to a local performance shop thats willing to help me leak test my car, since i still can't seem to find whats leaking, although i want to try one more idea before i have them work on my car.

Pictures :)
New steering wheel cover (i love it)

07-31-2008, 07:55 AM
May 4th, 2008

i decided to commit to the ATS rom tune group buy. so when the alltrac is back up and the vacuum leak is fixed, i'll send my rom in for them to tune it. i kinda need my car for the week of finals so i can get around easier. so when finals are done, i'll drive it to denver, park the car and send the ecu in since i can use my dad's honda if i need to get around :)

im really hoping my ecu has the second circiut board, since its a 90. if not, i'll have to pay them an extra $50 for them to wire one in.

07-31-2008, 07:57 AM
May 6th, 2008

changed my mind and sent the ECU out at the same time

so, since im stuck twiddling my thumbs till ATS gets my ecu and fuel rail back to me, and for my hubs to be finished, i've decided im going ocd on my engine bay. i'll have to post pictures as progress happens.

oh, since my fuel rail is out getting bored, im also having my injectors cleaned and flow tested by witchhunter, and getting new o-rings and grommets.

My goal is now to have everything back on the car and running by saturday the 17th.

07-31-2008, 07:58 AM
May 13th, 2008

my order from twosrus is in and installed :D

all my stuff from toyota is in (fuel injector o-rings, a few gaskets, rear spherical bushings, etc.)

my injectors are on their way back from witchhunter (those guys are FAST! i shipped those on friday, and the already got them, cleaned them, and shipped them...)

All im waiting on is ATS, and getting my hubs back completed :)

i have two more finals (one tomorrow and one friday) and im done with this semester!!!

Im hoping to get everything from ATS by next wednesday, cause thats really the only thing im waiting for...

07-31-2008, 07:59 AM
May 16th, 2008

couple new photos

the blueprinting sheet from witchhunter. apparently my injectors were in pretty good shape, which is reassuring

stock 90 ecu opened up prior to getting it tuned

new front endlinks. slightly longer than stock, but not much. they may actually preload the front sway bar a bit.

07-31-2008, 08:02 AM
May 24th, 2008

Well, i got back from my trips, and the next morning i got a call for a pretty time-intensive job for the next two weeks helping a supplier for home depot with stocking. i love temp jobs, they pay awesome, but it also means i won't have much time to work on the car till the start of next month

anyways, a photo update
My ATS tuned rom (for comparison theres a different picture on page 4). its dual mapped for race gas and pump gas (you'll see why its tuned for race gas below)

I finally got my new wheels and tires up to fort collins, along with some rear 25mm spacers. they are huge

ATS bored out fuel rail (i was a little disappointed they didn't run it through a parts washer, which would have been nice)

My new CT20b which im in the process of cleaning up

I tried to get some engine bay pictures, but my camera phone doesn't want to take a decent pictures right now for whatever reason. i also installed my headlights before i went out of town. they are defiantly much, much brighter. im pretty happy with the results.

Yes, i know, my garage is messy as hell :P

07-31-2008, 08:03 AM
July 17th, 2008

funny how things come to a standstill when your waiting on essential stuff, and then life decides to make everything stupid busy...

i finally got my ECU back from ATS last friday and installed it, although i haven't tryed to start it back up with the new ECU. i had to re-send it back to them because they didn't chip it right, but im glad that they realize their mistake and fixed it.

suspension is still in the works. i have the rear hubs back from being pressed, and im suppose to get the front hubs back this weekend. im in the process of cutting out the suspension arm bushings for the superpro poly stuff. the new spherical bushings are completely done.

Fuel rail, new fuel filter (just because), cleaned fuel injectors, and everything else related has been reinstalled :)

i need to order some gaskets so i can install the CT-20b. im wanting to ceramic coat the exhaust side, but i don't think thats going to pan out financially.

other than that, the only car-based need i have right now is new front ABS sensors, but im not too worried about them. i'll probably make some block off plates out of aluminum plate.

Oh, i got RC-hood inserts finally from a guy off Celicatech for a really good deal.
now if i could just find a bulge and a hood spoiler for a hundred or so, i would be so excited...

07-31-2008, 08:05 AM
July 24th, 2008

ordered gaskets and what not so i can install my CT20b today...

and got most of my bushings done. im having a shop do the one of the rear suspention arms (the square one), and i cant seem to get the front a-arm bushing pulled. i used a three claw pulley puller





Damn dirty ass suspension...

for a few hours of work, im happy. i'll get the other rear suspension arm back tomorrow, and i'll search around for a good way to get out the other a-arm bushing.

installing them was easy. grease up everything, put in both halfs of the bushing, set it on the ground and pound the metal dowel in with a hammer.

Aussies are odd

mmmm, tein (i think thats who distributes them)

Front a-arms (you can see the one mashed up bushing ive been working on)

trailing arm bushings (the one in the hub was kinda a pain. i found if you put in the two bushings first and then held them together with vice grips, then pounded in the metal dowel, it worked much easier)

rear control arms

07-31-2008, 08:08 AM
July 25th, 2008

i got back the other rear suspention arm from the shop i took it to (meineke). the shop owner ended up not even charging me for the work, so i was pretty happy :)

to my suprise, this bushing, and only this one, is a three peice setup. you will have to reuse the metal sleeve.



rear suspension, DONE!!!

07-31-2008, 08:10 AM
July 29th, 2008

well, im literally a few hours of work away from a driving car. i got the last bushings installed (the meineke guys worked their magic and got off that last A-arm bushings). the installation of the new a-arm bushing was almost a nightmare. i ended up renting a ball joint press from autozone, which did the trick.
both sides of the front suspention is installed completely, including the brakes. and the only headache im gettting from the rear suspension is the far back suspension arm on the drivers side, and thats because the bolt doesn't really want to fit considering how close the gas tank is. noting a big hammer can't fix though...

new goal is to have it aligned by thursday, maybe tomorrow evening, but i doubt it since i have work and i need to go by the kawasaki dealership for some work tomorrow morning. im going to have meineke also do the initial alignment work, and then have a very good shop called SCR performance take a look at it and see if they can tweek it to be even better :)

i still haven't decided on what i really want for the rest of the suspension. if a good deal on a set of teins, c-one's, JIC's, etc comes up, i'll be on it like a fat kid infront of a plate of donuts

07-31-2008, 08:11 AM
July 30th, 2008

well, thursday seems to be a good day.

i got all of the rear suspension installed, and i think i figured out the rear e-brake drums finally. defiantly had to use my hammer quite a bit to convince the suspension to go where its suppose to

tomorrow, im going to finish up the e-brakes and the re-install the rear disk brakes, tighten and double check everything, and hopefully have it over at a shop getting aligned by noonish :)

07-31-2008, 08:16 AM
completed front A-arm with both bushings


rear suspension installed


07-31-2008, 10:14 PM
Damn man, I had no idea you'd been doing that much work up there! Be sure to bring her by when she's ready to drive back down here!

07-31-2008, 10:44 PM
Cant wait to see it when I get back mangs!

08-01-2008, 12:34 AM
Zoinks yo! I love.

08-01-2008, 03:39 AM
I love the work you put into your All-trac. Glad you decided to keep it.

08-02-2008, 02:06 AM
thanks guys

well, its on the ground, rolling, and won't be starting or moving till monday

so, i torqued all the suspension stuff down, and installed my ace engineering lower brace (it took a bit of convincing though, but it wasn't bad)

rechecked all the engine related mechanics, and everything looked good. got in the car to start it, and it wouldn't start. i checked the battery and guess what?! another dead optima. i had it tested and theres a dead cell :cry:

i'll be dealing with interstate batteries to get that replaced on monday. also i noticed the fan came on when the ignition was on, but the connector on the lower passenger side of the radiator was fine. im thinking this has to do with me removing all the A/C lines while i was cleaning up the engine bay.

for right now, i just disconnected the fan. i won't drive the car like that, but that way i can focus on getting the car started and running again once i get the new battery.

some photos like i promised

don't mind the headlights, i didn't have them bolted in at the time...

incase you guys haven't figured it out, im shooting for a autox/track car. my goal now with the new turbo and tune is around 275 awhp SAE corrected on race gas, 230-240 on pump 91. other than a custom midpipe, i really don't think im going to do any more power mods. now that im on an OEM clutch i don't think it will take more than 275 anyways, but the spec pressure plate should help. i really have all the suspension upgraded EXCEPT the struts and springs, and thats cause i keep holding out for a set of coilovers (unless i found a whole whiteline setup with the rear struts already converted for a good price). i keep wanting to do a brake upgrade, and had my hands on a set of ST205 brakes, which i ended up not keeping due to all the crap that happened last summer.

i also have a RC/CS/Group A hood. once thats pieced together, i'll be getting a RC bumper, and eventually fixing all the dents and dings, repainting it lexus white pearl, and doing a group A conversion since i have all the appropriate decals :cool:

08-02-2008, 02:15 AM
Damn man, I had no idea you'd been doing that much work up there! Be sure to bring her by when she's ready to drive back down here!

don't know when that will be since i still need to break in the clutch with in-town driving, and my cycle gets 3x the gas mileage :lolhittin

oh, and the motorcycle has new pirellis due to a nail i caught in the rear tire and a new front suspension, so its addicting to ride though canyons now

Cant wait to see it when I get back mangs!

well, get back here! give me a call when your intown so we can go hit on girls at wash bar :bigthumbu

08-03-2008, 01:23 AM
well, get back here! give me a call when your intown so we can go hit on girls at wash bar

Ay. If all goes well, I'll be there in 2 weeks give or take a few days. And wash's will be hit up.

And just cause I can. Give these a look---> http://www.ground-control-store.com/products/description.php/II=629/CA=18

08-03-2008, 05:09 AM
Ay. If all goes well, I'll be there in 2 weeks give or take a few days. And wash's will be hit up.

And just cause I can. Give these a look---> http://www.ground-control-store.com/products/description.php/II=629/CA=18

but i can get complete C-one coilovers for around $900. unfortunately that would have to be put on a credit card if i bought them, and im not making enough money to justify doing that and knowing i can pay it off soon...

08-05-2008, 01:29 AM
When I did mine through them guys, I got the shocks, springs, and complete coilovers for 1K. Koni yellows at that. They can work with ya, and get ya a pretty custom setup. Thats the main reason I was putting it out there. I feel ya on the not making enough part though. Heh. Oh yeah.

08-06-2008, 09:43 PM
btw, i fixed the radiator fan issue. it was the A/C line sensor that i thought was causing the fan to run. all i had to do was take off the sensor from the old line and plug it into the harness connector.