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07-23-2008, 05:04 PM
I was thinking we could start a thread of funny Celica purchace and/or road trip stories if you all have a good story, tell it! Here's mine:

Since we've been having some funny stories posted here I thought I would post my Celica purchace/road trip story. It's kind of a long, funny story so please endulge me...

My name is Mike and I live in North Central Montana. A few years ago we had a Black '92 Celica ST with the 1.6. It wasn't a really quick car but we tightened up the suspension with eibachs, KYBs and polyeurethane bushings, added strait exhaust and a home made short ram intake, gave it a real good tune up and wheeled on! What a great handling fun and economical sports car! It looked so good that was getting sweated by mercedes on the interstate, very flattering. Anyway we sold it because we were moving and ended up with to many cars and not enough parking spots.

My wife had been looking on e-bay and other places to find another Celica about the same year. In February she finally scored a 1991 GT-S with only 104K for $1200! The only problem was that it was down in SanFransisco. I don't know if any of you have spent much time in Central Montana, but it's pratically a different country around here!

I hopped a flight that friday morning and arrived in Sanfran mid day. The first thing that stuck me as odd was that the taxi cab drivers really did have turbins! The other thing I learned is that the streets in that town are really skinny for the amount of lanes and traffic that they are cramming in there. The taxis all look like demo derby cars and they bump into peoples legs in the crosswalks like they're herding cattle... the craziest thing was that the pedestrians don't even get mad! It was a real culture shock.

I did however have minor celebrity status because I was from Montana, which I can't figure out because up here they despise californians, but californians love montanans... go figure.

I got to the seller's work who was named "Melinda" on e-bay. Well, I'm not hateful or anything so don't get me wrong, but it came as a real shock to me, coming from podunk Montana to discover that "Melinda" was a DUDE! :eek: A dude with pink hair, a girl sweater, girl pants, girl shoes etc etc...

The transaction went really well and the car was just great. Melinda was the original owner and produced a huge stack of maintenance records. The body was a little banged up from the mean streets of sanfransisco, but otherwise in emaculate condition and completely original. I have discovered that the wide body fenders are really really hard to find though.

I made it to Sacramento in like 5 1/2 hours, which would have taken about 35 minutes in Montana traffic. This was imensly frustrating because at this point I wanted to open up my new car but traffic was going like 15mph. Did you guys know that everyone on the interstate in CA during rush hour swears constantly with their windows rolled down? Even the old ladies! I was glad my kids weren't with me!

I stopped at walmart for a headlight which was out and a gourmet dinner at McDonalds and killed about an hour untill the traffic cleared out. I made it to Reno and checked into the motel 6. The guy at the front desk was checking out my car. He had a buddy who owned a 90s supra.

The next day I did a quick preflight and discovered a nasty blister had developed on the passenger rear sidewall. I checked the tire preasure and there was about 18-19 psi all the way around!! Was this guy er, girl driving in the sand or something?! Oh well... I put on the awsome full sized spare, a cool old potenza that looked like an all terrain truck tire (I'd like to get three more of those for the dirt track) and wheeled on.

I was nodding off out in the middle of Nevada and I saw this lousey little truck stop/road house place with an Espresso neon sign blazing...Eureka! Caffeine!! :bigthumbu
There were about 20 trucks parked in front. I went in and sat down at the small bar in an extremely small room. There was no one else in there... this struck me as a little odd, but oh well, there was coffee. I ordered a double shot of Espresso, which was to my suprise brewed perfectly. I was about half way through my second shot when the old lady behind the bar asked me if I would like her to send some girls out to line up for me. I didn't know what the heck she was talking about, so I said "excuse me?" She started laughing and asked me where I was from... when I told her she laughed a bit harder before she explained that prostitution was legal in Nevada and I was drinking espresso in a brothel house! I guess the caffeine gets the truckers to stop and one thing leads to another...

I peeled out of there and didn't stop untill I got to Idaho! When I crossed the border into Montana I finally opened the Celica up to about 125, the 5SFE isn't much but it is SO much more drivable than the 1.6 ST I used to have. From there everything was pretty uneventful untill I got to the pass between Butte and Helena where everyone was off the road in the snow bank but me. They were all driving 4WD SUVs. People need to learn how to drive. I helped one car load dig out and they ended up following me down the pass because they were scared.

I got home really early in the morning with my new car all encrusted in ice. It was a fun adventure and sure to be the first of many in the Celica GTS.

07-23-2008, 05:10 PM
Nice story :) Oh, and the Californian thing.. people seem to not like them much here either, and I'm pretty sure I've been flipped off here for no other reason than the Texas license plates which makes me sad because I'm not even FROM Texas, moved there from Wyo. Heh.

:lolhittin at Melinda. Figures.. Sanfran.. :ghey:

The Captain
07-23-2008, 06:29 PM
A friend of mine, who works at a dealer, calls me up.

"Hey John, just took in a car you might be interested in."

"Ah, I already have three cars, what is it?"

"A Toyoootaaa ah, Alltrac."

"You mean a Toyota Celica Alltrac?"

"Yeah, that's it!" "One owner, no stories, he's even got the book(BGB), window sticker and brochure."

"What color is it?"

"Black with grey leather."

Under my breath "f*ck" "Whaddya want for it?"

"My boss is gonna send it to the auction."

"I'm on my way."

I arrive 45 minutes later to find a bone stock alltrac, no dents, no rust, perfect interior, needs a paint job.

"Well, what will your boss take?"

"He gave the guy $3200 in trade."

"I'll write a check for $3200 right now."

He disappears, returns.


I got it home and put a "For Sale" sign in my Supra Turbo. The rest is history.

07-23-2008, 07:00 PM
damn gt4rcdude now that ıs a great story. talk about luck.

when ı was 16 ı wante a celıca. but the prıce range was alıttle to much so got a ıntegra for 1400. drove that for years. then sold that. went over seas. come back dıd not know what ı really wanted somethıng fast a mr2. then pops shows up on a tow truck a 93 celıca whıte prefect condtıon wıth 108.xxx needs headgasket for 800. ı saıd no thanks. after 2 weeks ıt was sıttıng ın the back lookıng at me sayıng mod me damıt and ı am cheap. so went to pops layed down 800 cash took ıt. then 4 years wıth that baby. then found the mrs at the polıce auctıon for 3500. so pops payed for ıt. and saıd sell the celıca asap. so ı dıd. and thats how my story ends.

07-23-2008, 07:06 PM
Well, last year i was looking for a car, and after searching autotrader, and various other sites i spotted my gt in an auction coming up that saturday.

So I got my dad to take that saturday off, and we drove approx. 25 mins to the auction place. We registered for the auction and went to go look for celica. ( they let you view the car before hand..but don't let you start it )

After 5 mins go by, and neither my father or I could find the car, started to get confused. As i turn around i notice this white car slowly pulling into the auction bay.

So me and my dad RUN into the auction house just in time , as the auctioneer starts the bidding

"Okay, here it is folks, a 1990 Toyota Celica GT!!!!!!"
"Lets start the bidding off at $2000"

Somebody from the crowd yells out " fuck you !!"

"okay 1000?"

"cmon guys!"

At this point i feared he wasn't going any lower, so i nudged my dad to bid

My dad yells "$650"
The auctioneer hesistates...
"SOLD, have fun guys, looks like a nice car!"

Stupid adrenaline rushes....

Yea nice car my ass, car was full of rust, and Later a carfax had shown that the car hadn't been registered in 6 years!

So here i am, a year later, trying to put this car to some what presentable condition, actually it should be back from paint today, pics to come....

07-24-2008, 09:48 AM
ive wanted an all-trac since 7th grade. even then know one knew what an all trac was when i would tell my friends about one. skip froward to sophomore year in high school after a football game (which we lost) a white 5th gen celica rolls up to the front of the school parking lot. instantly i was like.... omg.... i wish that was my car... the dark tinted window rolled down and in there sitting was my dad. it was a gts but i was still pretty excited. jumped in the car and forgot all about losing the football game, till practice the next day... which was horrible.

07-24-2008, 11:17 AM
Mine isn't too interesting, but I feel like talking. :)

I'd had the hatchback for two or three years, and wanted another Celica to make my daily driver while I worked on it. Every single time a customer drove a fourth gen into my parking lot and came into my store I told them if they ever wanted to sell it to let me know. Finally after almost two years a beat up little red coupe came into the lot and the customer replied, "It's for sale."

I went to his house the next day and checked it out further, and he told me everything wrong with it, plus it kept dying after he started it up. "Well," I told him, "She obviously needs a complete tune up, the body's trashed, half the interior is missing, and from what you're telling me I'll have to replace the axles and completely rebuild the suspension. I'm thinking $300." He took it.

Everything except the body is fixed now. The only problem - I couldn't resist and now have two project cars... Sigh... :D

07-24-2008, 05:06 PM
Mine isn't that interesting.

My cousin had driven by the blue celica earlier that day, and immediately told me about it when we got home.

When I went to check it out, the lady that was selling the car made her gangster wanabe son let us check it out who pulled up in a wanabe ricer civic...that was just an old civic that he thought was cool shit. I almost didn't buy the car because of this kid, but it was in real nice condition and looked to be well taken care of.

For future reference: When you are trying to sell a car to a male, don't say "it's kindof a girls car."

I bought the car the next day, and the lady was actually there. A real sweet 40 something year old that was about 5' tall. That explained the wood block on the clutch:hehe: I had no apprehensions about buying the car from that point on.

Don't let your douche bag of a son try to show your car to people.

My other car, my friend had spent years building the black celica up to an awesome car, no expense spared. He all of a sudden one day decides he has spent enough money on it and wants to get a Yamaha r6 instead. I had to buy it, I thought he was making a huge mistake and would really regret selling the car...especially since he was about to trade it in at the subaru dealership his dad manages for about $2000.

He never did regret it...?!

07-25-2008, 02:20 AM
A work van backed up into a little blue 1990 Mitsubishi Mirage (1.5L 4 door) that was my first car ever. Wasn't that hard a hit, but crumpled the fender enough that the insurance totaled the car. The guy didn't report it to his bosses, and I think he got fired.

Got the check and with help from my dad, put that into this 1992 celica ST purchased in 2002.

07-25-2008, 03:14 AM
Mine isn't that interesting.

My cousin had driven by the blue celica earlier that day, and immediately told me about it when we got home.

When I went to check it out, the lady that was selling the car made her gangster wanabe son let us check it out who pulled up in a wanabe ricer civic...that was just an old civic that he thought was cool shit. I almost didn't buy the car because of this kid, but it was in real nice condition and looked to be well taken care of.

For future reference: When you are trying to sell a car to a male, don't say "it's kindof a girls car."

I bought the car the next day, and the lady was actually there. A real sweet 40 something year old that was about 5' tall. That explained the wood block on the clutch:hehe: I had no apprehensions about buying the car from that point on.

Don't let your douche bag of a son try to show your car to people.

My other car, my friend had spent years building the black celica up to an awesome car, no expense spared. He all of a sudden one day decides he has spent enough money on it and wants to get a Yamaha r6 instead. I had to buy it, I thought he was making a huge mistake and would really regret selling the car...especially since he was about to trade it in at the subaru dealership his dad manages for about $2000.

He never did regret it...?!

And now YOU are trying to sell it..... :slap: G man, you should be ashamed. ;)

07-25-2008, 03:49 AM
Somewhat interesting of a story:

kinda long so you'll need more than 3 min.

I'm 21 now and i've been wanting a celica since i was 13 then when i figured out about an all wheel drive/turbo charged version i have been envying all of you that own an alltrac ever since (Darn college tuition). Anyway when i was 17 me and my dad went out on a rainy day (first/big mistake). We looked at this '87 celica GT convertible. it looked decent from the outside but was kept in this musty old garage (mistake #2). Well i was anxious just to have a car and bought it (mistake #3). When i got home found out it had a major oil leak, tons of rust (cut out both floor boards and pop riveted sheet metal back in. There were tons of other rust issues and mechanical issues that would be solved on one lonely drive to my aunts with my dad.

Almost done :)
Were driving down the road and i hear this noise so i look out my rearview mirror and i see sparks shooting out. I think to myself oh no my muffler is dragging and as i glance toward my dad i see flames shooting out the side crack in my hood. So i yell "Dad my car's on fire!!! Then i shut it off right away and we push it off the road. We open the hood and the whole engine bay is covered in flames and we just shut the hood and i grab my x box out of the car and we step away. The car literally burned to the ground with tires exploding and i blocked 2 lanes of traffic and had 6 fire companies to put it out (not that it was needed). to make a long story slightly shorter i got $2800 for the car from insurance and bought my 91 celica GT which is in pristine condition and almost looks brand new. it was the best thing that could have happened to that old '87.

07-25-2008, 03:58 AM
I suppose I should share my story now huh? :D

I had just moved back to California from New York. It was a ROUGH trip. I got 110 miles out on the 90 when 5th gear went on my beautiful Rx-7. :( Just to be sure, I dumped it into Reverse. Sure enough, kept on going without missing a beat. (up 'till now, I had been a rotary mechanic for 9 years and had owned 8 Rx-7's, knowing that 5th and Reverse were linked, I knew I was boned.) After the $400 tow bill to get back to my place in NY from the through-way, I called the Mazda Recycler in Sacramento CA. first thing in the morning.

Phone rings.... Hello, Mazda Auto Recyclers, this is Bob how can I help you?

Hey Bob, it's Mario from Napa, CA.

Hey Mario! Haven't seen you in a while.. (Over a year :hehe: )

Bob, I'm in a real pinch. I'm trying to get back to CA. from NY. and my tranny blew on the through-way and I'm stuck and broke till my transfer to the CA. shop goes through. I do need to get there first for that to happen though.....

Well Mario, I have 3 transmissions here. I'll go check to see which one is best. Gimme a minute.........
Ok. Have one with 30k on it. What's the address you need it shipped to?

I tell him.

Ok. It should be at your door in 2 days.

Sounds good, so what's the damage here?


............................................. silence..........................................


You've referred us so much business over the years, I figure we can do you a solid.
Don't worry about it. Just give a call when you make it back, ok?

Will do Bob. Thanks and God bless you.

Tranny showed, I had the old one out and the new one in, in 3 hours flat and got right back on the road.

Made it back and the pilot bearing gave way right as I pulled up to my girl's house. Talk about timing right?

2 days later, I got an offer on my Rx-7. I sold it. It bought my lady a VERY shiny Sapphire and Diamond Platinum engagement ring. (It was do or die time :hehe: )

After a month of borrowing a car, and NIGHTLY searches of the local classifieds and Craigslist...... I saw it:

1991 TOYOTA CELICA ALLTRAC. 1 owner, maintainance records, 125,xxx miles. All options. Pwr. seats/windows/sunroof/locks, ABS/Leather/Turbo/AWD.

This was at 9:45 PM.
I called anyway. All I could think was: "If I don't call RIGHT NOW, I'll regret it."
I had wanted an AllTrac for years. Ever since my little '90 Celica ST.
I got the guy's voice mail.
I left him a message with my info and begged him to call me ASAP.

I got the call 25 agonizingly tense minutes later.


"Hi, I'm returning your call about my ad."

Great! I'm very interested. Can I see it this weekend?

"Well, I hate to break it to you, but I already accepted a down payment for the car. The fella said he would pay the balance on Sunday."

(This was Friday night)

I can bring cash tomorrow by 9 AM.


"Love talks and Cash walks... I'll see you at 9 AM ! "

I had my father give me a ride 3.5 hours away to go get this car. He took an unpaid day off to do me this favor!!! ( Thanks Dad, I love you! )

We got there, and I saw this beautiful Silver '91 AllTrac. Sun glinting off the freshly washed windshield and paint. It was perfect.

I guess the guy must have seen me drooling over his car ( I hadn't yet called to let him know we were there, as I arrived 20mins early. ) cause he came out and said " Mario right?"

Yeah! :D Nice to meet you.

He tosses me the keys, and says go for a spin. I'll be here.

????? WTF ???? Really?

Yeah, go for it. ( he smiles )

Okay. I'll be back in a few.

Test drove it. Loved it. Talked him down to $2,800. Drove home with a sh*t-eating grin as I saw that boost gauge peg itself.

I've never regretted it once.


07-25-2008, 04:19 AM
aha damn u ppl and ur lucky alltrac stories id shit myself for one of those ahah :P
my stories pree simple...started a new job, got to know the dudes i work with, one asked if i wanted to help him drop a tranny in his buddies car...sure why not
Get to his house and there sits a nice dusty 90 Gt-s..
next couple of days ( were slow...drank lots) get the tranny out n newer one put in..get her all buttoned up...in the mean time talked to the owner..
Some dude from BC drove the car down for school, cant afford it any more wants to sell it...
I was in the market for a new car and fell inlove when i first saw it haha he wanted 3000$ for it i got it for 2500$ and loved it ever since haha :D

Idiot Stick
07-25-2008, 03:50 PM
Well I sent an email off to my uncle (owns a garage, but has ties in with 20+ dealerships in town) telling him I needed a reliable car for my new upcoming job (One im at now, still). I gave him a list of a 1992-97 Prelude, 92-95 Civic Si, 94-99 Celica, and a couple other random cars that i thought where bitchin, and in my price range.

Well he calls me up and says he knows someone who just brought in a 1992 Celica GT, 5 speed to his shop for MVI and it passed with flying colors. I told him naw, it wasnt the kind of car i wanted.

Well at the time I lived out of town, and there was a car show going on where my uncle lives, that I was hitching a ride to go to. I get here with these guys, and they bale. I mean they left me dead in the water here. So I go spend the night at the uncles place and decide the next day after he tells me how good of shape this thing is in, i say screw it and go take a look. I go over there, asking him if it was a hatchback our a notchback, he says its a notchback. Turns out he was wrong, it was a hatchback. I get there and I say to myself, shit. This isnt bad. I get in the driver seat, fiddle around wit hthe stuff...it was really nice. So I go for a spin around town, loved it. Absolutely loved it.

The rest, as they say, is history.

07-25-2008, 05:10 PM
why do you guys get such cheap good cars in the US?!?!? and why didnt they export the gt4 here??? we have to pay like 5 times what you guys pay for good car...lucky b*****ds... T_T

Idiot Stick
07-25-2008, 05:46 PM
I paid $5,000 for my 1992 Celica GT, 5 Speed, with 161,000 KMs on it.

07-26-2008, 07:40 AM
And now YOU are trying to sell it..... :slap: G man, you should be ashamed. ;)

I know...but then again I've been trying to sell it for the past two years. :p

I obviously paid more than he was going to trade it in for, so I don't feel too bad.

07-26-2008, 09:31 AM

I was driving my `88 Camaro (305 TBI) to work one afternoon about 7 years ago. The car had a few issues. But I am a Camaro nut, so I just dealt with them.

I was driving down Pendleton Pike in Indy, where it turns into like Minnesota or something when the car starts bucking and eventually stalls out. Well, one of the big issues with the Red Bitch was when she stalled, she wouldn't restart for at least 4 hours. Well, we have all owned cars with that kind of attitude, right?

So here I sit, late for work, with a stalled car that won't restart for 4 more hours, I am 10 miles from home, and 10 miles from work. What should I do?

As luck would have it, I was sitting right in front of a car lot.

Fate Right?

So I stroll onto the car lot and peruse their selections.

It wasn't that satisfying. I see an early 90's Legacy, a late 90's MX6, a couple of late 80's Civics and a little red Celica.

Out comes Ron, the text book greasy used car salesman.

"How can I help you today sir?"

"I am buying one of your cars, right now. Which one will you sell me cheap?"

Ron looks at his feet and shuffles a bit, stuffs his hands in his pockets and walks toward the Subaru.

"I can put you into this gem right here for $3000."

"Let's go for a spin."

The Subaru would not fall on it's own nose, as a matter of fact I don't think the poor thing could have fallen out of a tree without a good push and a 2x4 to get it rocking.

"I don't think I am interested in this car Ron, what else will you sell me?"

"Well, let my mechanic take a look at it, and see what it is, but that is all I have on the lot right now ready to go."

"What about that white Mazda?"

"Oh, it sold yesterday, we are just waiting on the paperwork."

"What about that little red Toyota?"

"Oh, it has a dead battery."

"Jump it, I see your jump box."

"Oh, the driver's side door doesn't work."

"I will crawl in through the passenger side."

"Well... I don't know..."

"Look, I am late for work, I have money in my pocket, I am leaving your lot with a car, and it sure as hell isn't gonna be that Subaru. Now go get the keys and we are taking the Celica out."

"Yes sir."

I walked out of there with a `90 Toyota Celica ST for $2500 after trade. 150k on the ticker.

I replaced the plastic retaining clip on the actuator rod for the handle and she was in great shape.

Today she has 220k and has been beat like a redheaded stepchild, she has be wrecked, she has been cut on, but she has never failed to serve me to the best of her ability. She has never let me down for something that wasn't my own fault for not fixing.

She has been the best damn car I have ever owned, the first import and the car that opened my eyes to what a car really should be. A balance of fine features and master craftsmanship.

07-26-2008, 09:41 AM

After a good 5 years with Chaos, and developing our love for one another I decided it was time to part with my Mustang and buy a more desirable project car.

The requirements were simple.

It had to be a Celica, 5 Speed and equipped with an S engine.

I came really close to buying a lemon (sorry Gina!!) before my wife came across an ad on Craigslist for a local 4th Gen Celica.

The owner lived less than a block away and was asking a fair price for a silver 4th Gen GT Hatch.

I figured it was worth a look.

I rolled over in Chaos and parked beside the little thing. She had a flat, and covered in leaves.

I had to jump her off to hear her run, and even then she was wheezing pretty bad.

The young man who was selling her, a musician trying to move out of town, told me of her ailments.

She had been having clutch problems, so he paid $1200 for a new clutch set and installation, new clutch slave cylinder, her cat was clogged, the radio was dead...

He just needed her gone and didn't have time to fix her.

I worked out a deal with him and then underbid his wanted price by a few hundred. Then after seeing the hurt look on his face I explained to him that he was supposed to give me a counter offer.

In the end I had such a good time I gave the kid $50 more than what we agreed upon.

I took her home, clogged cat, slipping clutch no radio and all.

I changed her oil, ran some 20/50 through her, gutted the cat, installed a CD player (and CB) and drove the ever-loving-shit out of her for the next two years.

And then I spun every rod in her. Cannon-style!

07-26-2008, 04:14 PM
I don't have a personal story for the Celica, my parents were the ones that bought it back in 1992.

They had bought a silver, notchback 1986 Celica while they were in Germany. They loved it. But when they got back to the states, with me in tow, they decided they needed a newer car and wanted to trade their 86 in.

Buying another Celica was on top of their list, so these were the first cars they checked out. They wanted a Celica in a specific color, metallic grey-blue. The dealership didn't have any, but they knew how to get one.

This particular Celica was being shipped across country for the east coast on a train. They stopped the train and unloaded the car, and had it shipped all the way back to Washington state.

The car's been good to use since. Only time I can ever remember it failing to start on me was when I managed to flood the engine. My own fault. The car has taken my beatings, my spirited driving, my random 100mph runs on the highway, anything.

In fact, she's about 1500k overdue for an oil change right now, but I've been putting a lot of money into the Supra trying to get it running right before I go to college in mid-August, so time and money have been short. :( But eh, oil goes to 5000k now days, and I've kept her full of oil so I'm not too worried yet. Aside from that, she's seen oil changes every 3000k.

07-27-2008, 08:05 AM
And then I spun every rod in her. Cannon-style!

:lolhittin The poor guy's never gonna live that down... :hehe:

07-28-2008, 03:59 AM
My story is nothing special but, back in June 2004 I was an assistant manager at a pizza shop, a new driver started there driving a little red 92 Celica GT, it also had a for sale sign in the window. I didn't know the price at the time, but the car broke down a week later anyway and was parked in her driveway indefinitely.

Fast forward to Feb 2005, I just recently bought a 02 VW to replace a totaled car and to give me something to drive other than a 90 Ford Probe (I know it was a POS but it was a free POS). That same driver starts desperately looking for a buyer for that broken down Celica. One kid there is interested but doesnt have any money to even buy it. I decide to take a look at it and see if it would be a suitable replacement for my Probe. So on a cold as hell Februaru morning I take a look at this car. I find a beautiful condition, original red paint (thats still not fading or peeling), factory system 10, power everything. Only thing it's missing is leather and a sunroof. However it had 170,000 on the odometer, which didn't set me off till I heard the price. $3500, down from $4000 since it wouldn't start.

I look a little bit more at it and find in the glove box, the original window sticker, owners manual, all maintenance records, and paper work showing a new motor and transmission were put in by Germain Toyota, along with new struts, springs, tie rods, the works. All about 40,000 miles before. Turns out she just bought it a week before it broke down from the original owner. This makes me reconsider the $3500, but I still decide to think about it.

Two days later she calls me at 8am doesn't say why but says she needs the car gone ASAP, so if I have a 1000 bucks and can tow it within an hour I can have it. So me being me I use my AAA and get it to my house. After 5 minutes I find it's not getting fuel. Turns out the fuel pump relays bad, trip to the junkyard and she fires up like she sat for 8 minutes not 8 months. Sell off my Ford Probe (which was free) for $800. So for essentially $200 I got my second love of my life.

91 Celica GT-S
07-28-2008, 12:23 PM
wow great stories
about 6 yrs ago being a broke poor family kid in high school after months of searching daily on autotrader for a BROKEN celica so it would be cheap and i could fix it up. not knowing the difference between an st gt gts or alltrac. i was lucky enough to come across a gt-s for $300 which the previous owner was rebuilding but stopped half way and left all the parts in the trunk. car ended up being a pos that needed just about everything replaced. i learned a lot. now my gt-s runs and handles better than ever. it would take a beating and ask for more. i was planning to do a 3s swap on it but i just happen to run across an alltrac for 4000 on craigslist. i just bought that POS yesterday. its in real bad condition previous owner would rather drive an integra than the alltrac. guy even says he regrets ever buying it. guy selling it was too lazy to send pictures or even answer the phone before 2pm so i just got his address and showed up at his house (hour away) with the cash skrilla. test drove it runs like crap, gots dents everywhere and small holes from a body kit someone put on it. and i really dont understand ppls obsession with spray painting parts. blue calipers on a red car??? random parts under the hood also painted. alarm dont let the car start, no radio or ac, wires and switches everywhere. narrow body fender on one side and bondo wide on the other. no crash bar. retarded stickers. ghey rims. attention whore blow off valve. oil leaks. wierd feeling clutch. needs tires and brakes.
its been used and abused but dont worry guys ill do it justice.
hope my gts dont get jealous