View Full Version : Thinking about getting new paint job

07-23-2008, 08:21 AM
So the paint job on my car is pretty much looking like crap right now its like three different shades of red. I'm thinking about getting a maaco special but changing the color of the car to black. I've looked around the forums for a maaco paint job and there are some people that say its a good paint job and some people that say its just crap but i rather it look good than what it looks like right now.

07-23-2008, 08:58 AM
Maaco is crap -- whether or not somebody thinks so immediately depends on how well the shop did for disassembly and masking.

As a rule, Maaco shops are all about time -- they get paid on the basis of the job, not how long they spend on it, so they cut as many corners as possible. Lights are taped, not removed. Overspray gets everywhere, and is not cleaned off. Sills, crevices and edges are not done, or done improperly. The job may look nice, particularly if you don't know how to detect orangepeel, but only on the flat panels. And they do not prep the surface to any degree -- it's basically chemically stripped (for wax, not paint) and then painted.

The other problem is that Maaco paint is very soft. It chips, cracks, and oxidises far more rapidly than a factory paint job, even our Super Red.

I know this because the prior owner, after the car was damaged, had Maaco paint it. Was their top paint bundle too. The paint died within three years; it looked so bad when my car was vandalised and I made a claim, the inspector thought it was the original coat and asked if I ever waxed it. When I had the entire car repainted, I took the time to disassemble it and discoverd just how many bubbles, drip marks, tape ridges and bands of overspray there really were.

A Maaco job will look good, at a distance, for a while. Up close or over time, it'll show. Particularly if you go for a colour change. That's tricky for a good shop, never mind a volume shop like Maaco.

Have you tried refreshing your paint by doing a proper wash/claybar/compound/polish/wax sequence, preferably with a random-orbital buffer? The results are impressive if done right, and even if you have to buy all the tools and products, they can be used for years to come, and on your later cars.