View Full Version : 265.000 Km. + 16 years

Luis C
07-20-2008, 06:42 AM
Soooo.... my engine was massively leaking oil towards the intake (3 qts in a month) although there was no loss of power except for that of a 16 year old engine, I figured it could be some problem with the valve guides or related and decided to have it checked and these are our findings:

Note that I bought this car of a 55 year old Revlon exec who used it to commute, she was transfered to the New York office and sold it to me. I had the engine cleaned on the inside where we found a ridiculous amount of sludge, that was 7 years ago, this is the result of her neglecting the car, using every other brand of oil and not having the car properly and timely serviced.


A close up:


Top down view, knock sensor on the bottom side


Can you say "Carbon build up?"


And some cleaning later.....


This is how the intake runners looks like, note the amount of "fresh" oil on the walls


And now for the bad news................ :ohnoes:


Suffice to say I have to get the engine overhauled but I dont have the sufficient cash flow to get the car fixed AND keep on shelling out money for whatever blows up next, so Im getting some new rings and bearings and will be selling it as is.
It really hurts cause it has proven to be a hell of a car, top performer, reliable and still has the looks but I cant afford any more repairs :shrug: