View Full Version : Disable E-Brake - 6th Gen Celica

07-10-2008, 05:48 PM
My e-brake is having troubles. The shoes keep dragging on the drum. They are completely worn out, and being an auto I have no use for them so I just want to disable them. The car has well over 500k on it, so investing $600+ for pads, rotors and new pads just isn't worth it.

I've had the shoes rolled all the way back, but they still seem to drag. The only way I can prevent them from making terrible grinding noises is keeping the lever pulled one click to keep some tension on them. The mechanic has agreed that they can not possibly be engaged in this state due to how far back they rolled the shoes.

Rather than having the lever up one click, I would prefer to just use wire or something to tie the shoes back inside the drum, and that way the lever doesn't have to be pulled one click and get in the way as well as look like I'm driving a sketchy car.

So long as I don't pull the lever, are there any complications with doing this?

07-11-2008, 01:27 AM
Disabling safety features is not something generally suggested on this forum, we tend to recommend making your car safer.

If your shoes are dragging on the drum, that suggests a problem other than the shoes being worn out.

Going to assume you have rear discs with the smaller drum-in-disc setup for the parking brake. Your parking brake will not have worn out the drum inside the rotor, so there's no need to replace it if your parking brake is having problems. If your driving brakes are having a problem....that's a high priority.

I'm trying to figure out where the $600 figure comes from. Parking brake shoes from 1sttoyotaparts.com are all of $19. A wheel cylinder overhaul kit is $23. A rotor is $80, but as I said you shouldn't need it due to your parking brake.

Might want to take a look through the BGB section on the parking brake (this is for the 92-93 Celica, but the aside from the centrebore, fifth-gen and sixth-gen brakes are interchangable).

Have you checked the hardware for your parking brakes? It could be as something as simple as weakened or broken pad hold-down springs, perhaps a faulty return spring.