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polish dude
06-24-2008, 08:15 PM
my celica


my gt4 isn't done yet. still running stock ecu only 7 lb of boost and the only tune done so far is when i turned up the fuel pressure just to be safe and run on the rich side.

the reasone i posting is b/c i took my gt4 on it's first long trip ( to chicago this past weekend) the trip gave me a chance to observe the car closly for a long time so i got to collect some cool data.

it was a 2 hour drive on I-55 at about 65 to 70 with ocasional jumps followed by about 80 miles in traffic downtown.
i filled up before leaving b/n and again before leaving chicago area. based on about 190 milles driven in mixed traffic my gas milage came out to be 27 mpg. for an 1992 awd with a turbo that's pretty amazing it think.

at 3k rpm the readings were as follows
oil temp 150f
coolent temp as it exits the engine 90f to 110f
coolent temp as it exits the radiator 70f
coolent temp after the turbo 140f (i changed the set up once to see what would it be with out the second radiator and it jumped up to 175f)
exhoust temp 1000f to 1100f
oil pressure about 20 to 25 psi.

i wonder if my car is running a little to cold. or is that just better for the car?
also as of now my race car gets better gas milage than my dd. lol

just thought i'd share what i found out on this trip.

06-24-2008, 08:28 PM
The 3sgte gets surprisingly good mpg's.

06-24-2008, 09:01 PM
if u dont hit boost mpg is there... if u do... i cant say.

i use to commute with my alltrac... 1200 miles a month...