View Full Version : removing evap lines from the throttle body?

06-22-2008, 07:46 PM
this question is towards a different engine, not too sure if the 3S has a fuel evap line going to it's throttle but anyway...

took my evap line off my throttle body and routed a much smaller line near the fuel tank to just vent into the atmosphere some time ago to get rid of possible detonation troubles. buddy of mine and i noticed once in a while when i started my car after it had been sitting for a few hours that there would be a half second session of engine knock right at the startup. we removed the lines and it's never happened since then.

here's my problem... i keep throwing a code cause the evap purge switch isn't connected anymore. i was wondering if there was a way i could ground it out or something to trick the ECU into thinking the evap purge switch is still connected? i asked a friend of mine and he thinks that if i were to simply put the switch back just to have it connected to the ECU, that it would still throw a code because it might sense that there isn't a vacuum anymore.

any thoughts?