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polish dude
06-01-2008, 05:38 AM
ok i after doing lots of research i came to conclusion that my car wont work with out ems. f......
so now i have to sell everything i got to get one.
my question is:
is Hydra Nemesis 2.5 what i should use or is there anything better out there for the money. Hydra Nemesis 2.5 is $1500.

also can i go to big on the injectors. i'm getting WolfKatz top feed rail.
would 880 be big enought or should i go crazy with 1000's?

my set up is.
57 trim turbonetics t3/t4
stock 3sgte (jdm)
wolbro 255 fuel pump
fuel pressure regulator

polish dude
06-02-2008, 01:48 AM
it's bettween Hydra Nemesis 2.5 and aem.

Hydra Nemesis 2.5 is $1500 with build in wideband
aem is $1960 w/o and $2200 with wideband.

is it spent more get more or there isn't much difference bettwen thoes two.

also i already have a wideband stand alone with it's own sensor.