View Full Version : beams swap transmission questions

05-28-2008, 06:06 AM
ok so i'm new to celica tech. i have had a 92 gt for 2 years and after researching engines to swap into it i have finally decided to go with the red top beams 3sge. i know it will hook up to my stock transmission and from what i have heard from people is that a higher performance clutch is suggested. i have a ceramic center force clutch in it now and i think that will be enough. but i was also thinking about putting a UR kevlar clutch in. i am also planing on doing all this in my driveway. i was wondering how i should go about doing this. should i install the flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, and bell housing and then install the tranny ? or does anyone know a better way? also does anyone know of a better transmission i could get to handle more power? i would like to get more power out of the engine when i have the money so i want to be ready when i do. also does anyone know of any other treads that have clutch assembly pictures or have any that they could post. thanks for taking the time to read and answer any of my questions.