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05-21-2008, 12:38 AM
i hope some one can help.....i have an '88 GT-S and my valve cover and spark plug tube gaskets are leaking....I was able to track down valve cover gaskets but the valve cover gaskets dont come with the spark plug tube gaskets.....i was wondering if the tube gaskets from a 3SFE will fit....any help would be great thank you

05-21-2008, 01:29 AM
I believe the spark plug tube gaskets are part of the VC gasket If it's a 4th gen GTS it's a 3sge..

Not sure of the difference in head design between the two of that year but I don't believe the FE and GE are the same gaskets.


05-21-2008, 03:26 AM
They shouldn't be.

As far as I know the 3SGE should have a similar or the same gasket as the 3SGTE.

The 3SFE shares a similar gasket with the 5SFE.

The 2 types are not interchangeable.

Either you went to a really crappy parts store, or the parts guy is confused.

Have you tried OEM yet?

05-21-2008, 03:46 AM
no i havent tried OEM yet cuz i work at a shop and am tryin to use my discount before i head to the dealership for finance reasons....and i think the parts person was confuzed cuz he was readin from a book and had no idea who made celica until i told him...thank you guys for your help

05-21-2008, 07:24 AM
Yeah, they ARE different. Personally I'd go to Toyota, but, Felpro part number for the FE seals is ES70739.

05-31-2008, 05:41 AM
k i've finally had time to replace my valve cover gaskets. For those who didn't know......the 3SGE doesnt have spark plug tube gaskets...it doesn't even have spark plug tubes....if you take a look its set up just like twin cam nissan engines....its just a cover that sits over top of the spark plugs.....but thanks for the help guys