View Full Version : Putting a 3 piece spoiler on no spoiler trunk lid?

05-20-2008, 01:46 AM
Hey since finding a trunk lid with a spoiler might be 3 kinds of hell, does anyone know how hard it is to fix a spoiler on one without? What would i need? Just drill and screw it in? Do i need some grommets or what? Has anyone done this? I would REALLY appreciate some help...

My car is getting painted for free, i painted my uncles house so he's painting my car lol. I need some parts to make it look nice, i refuse to paint it with rough body parts. I already need to get it bondoed for the dents, and primer on some metal rust. Nothing real serious, but yeah.

So has anyone have a walk through or know if i need grommets or anything like that to prevent leaking inside of the trunk?

I also need to know why would i get rust inside on the trunk lip? Do the trunk hinges some times get worn out and make the fitment not flush? The trunk lid sticks out maybe 1/8 of an inch out then it should. And it isn't as flush as i would like it. So would that be the problem u guys think? The trunk hinges are definatly bad it doesn't open straight up like it should.