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05-18-2008, 05:34 AM
i dont now what out side styling i want but do know the basic color ideals i want bayside blue( skylineblue) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v203/spaztheweird1/blueskyline-1.jpg

or bayside blue with a black in the back and it fades to the blue kinda like this but not those numbers or things


but i wanted to know what is a good paint to paint the inside?? like the dash its a blue color but i think i want black with bayside blue accents ... should i wait till i spray my car and spray the parts in auto paint or does a spray can paint have the same look?? also im painting my rims whats a good paint to use??

p.s. does any one know of how to or pictures of conversions for different head lights??? and i all ready found that theres not tail lights for 1991 so i started to build my own (im a skyline fan) so they are the two circle one big and one smaller style but built to fit my celica

05-18-2008, 09:22 AM
if you plan on doing the blue, i would highly recommend an all black interior, no different accent, just all blacked out. why? having a good clean look is better then having something that seems a bit ricey *in my eyes that is...*. what you could do is have a smooth finish for the main base for your interior while the accents have a textured splatter finish or vise versa.

you CAN use can spray paint, but i would recommend the paints meant for the exterior of the vehicle, E.I. a few coats of color and several coats of clear coat. normal interior paint tends to chip and peal very easily.

if doing it in can spray, the proper way to do it is as follows:

-sand *if you don't want the original texture, if you do then don't sand*
-alcohol clean *this completely cleans everything off of what you are working on*
-primer coats *enough to cover the plastic*
-color coats *at least 3 or enough to cover the primer, better to have a good few coats*
-clear coat *you'll want SEVERAL coats on this. interior panels see alot of kicking feet, sharply edged rings, luggage, rough materials, seat belt clips smacking the panels... just think of anything that would ever touch the interior and it'll be a likely cause of a scratch. a good clear coat foundation will insure it's life span.*

if you already knew this, sorry in advance, figured i'd have that up anyway.

05-18-2008, 01:27 PM
i had the basic i deal but i didnt think about sanding it so thanks